A2.1 identifing the key actors in the environment

  • Grants for funding from local government agency to give services to elderly people who have programs serviced by AgeCare organsation.
  • Funders (external) make funding to AgeCare to produce charity service effectively
  • Elder people are donated services like education program, shopping, health,etc. by AgeCare Organisation.
  • CEO, (Chief Executive Officer) manage projects and staffs at each centre.
  • Finance Director deals with finance used in projects.
  • Admin Staffs administer AgeCare problems departments by departments.
  • Lead worker leads workers (staffs) to run projects
  • Volunteers involve working in transport services.
  • Staffs (Part time, full time) work in centres of AgeCare.

A2.2 Identifing the key issues and areas of conflict affecting this environment, suggesting reasonsfor these.

Key Issues of AgeCare

Get at least 2 years Funding body for to be AgeCare program started for charity services to make. Because if it can't, project can't run to deliver its services.

The second one is Government allows that AgeCar gives for charity services based around the needs of elder people.

There are many centres that need to manage by head offices in running projects.

Critical Analysis of AgeCare Business Environment in Case Study

It does not clear which branches have to take projects that offer service, it's said that the nearest centre has to take projects. We do not sure that it isdepending on the area where centre exists in the projects received.

It's difficult to collect different formats are used in projects by each of cenres (Data collections becomes inconsistency using various formats may be caused information wrong).

If resources are not used effectively, projects are not worth to make funding (it was happened wasting resources and money to make that kind of work).

If project size is large, AgeCare can't get full time staffs because of funding is not enough for large projects to use many costs.

A2.3 Main focus of the system that theorganisation requires

The analysis view of AgeCare Organisation's high level requirements

It has been dependent upon the Government agency which gives grants to AgeCare to make donations with programs to run for elder people.

Full Budget that it should make ensure at least 2 years funding is required to start Projects run to give charity services to Elder people who're living in Canterbury and in the surrounding area and villages. So, we should think of funding to get as much as from funders for large projects.

Analysing the situations in some structures of AgeCare, if project did not get enough funding for services, full time staff will not always be available until the project is finished.

Focusing by the side of an analyst, AgeCare Environments can't control well to its centres so it should fix that problems that's without having central control system in communication between head office and centres of AgeCare.

AgeCare Centre is needed “Central Administration System” that can be managed to its' branches for control and also database should be secured the whole AgeCare environments including all its branches. Because If it can't, Head offices can't control its branches and also - Centres allocated in AgeCare which were not found standard data procedures for communication. So, centres can be received wrong info sent by head office.

AgeCare should produce reports for Trustees and managers to help making decisions. Reports producing can help them in their work focusing the conditions of problems that will be happened in the future and so overcome problems are in AgeCare.

And also AgeCare is also required in managing not only info with different formats but aslo managing staffs relationships in each centre of AgeCare. Because although if we can communicate with the right data, there're still needed to control administration process in centres for staffs.

AgeCare needs a JAD workshop that takes AgeCare staffs to collect their requirements needed working in their departments is necessary for the development of GreenDrive project that will fix problems in AgeCare Organisation because we believe that we may find out problems from each of interviewees how they faced troubles within each of their departments concerned.

A3. Discussing how drawing a rich picture helped us understand the complex environment within the AgeCare.

Drawing rich pictures helps us clear understanding of complexities at AgeCare Centre that were shown questions and observations about the problem situation. By drawing Rich picture, we come to be known about who are internal or external actors in theAgeCare system and its boundary.

We have become more understanding the relationships of staffs who may be full or part time staff. They have many roles for running projects and is not clear some people working and what their objectives was. This people is

We got some complexities from the system in AgeCare centres, it would be data communication (shared, send.,etc) that is used different formats. By using different formats, it's certain that people working in each centres will not be reliable in data communication. Because of various format is used, wrong data can be sent to wrong department which is needed central administrative system might occur. It is working out problem domain (decentralised working) in areas of each centre where is which's with different type of data format used.

Rich pictures helps that the AgeCare environments works unclear in getting data between centres and head offices. So, drawing rich pic finds out that of conflicts of how head office responds to centres in data communication.

There is a problem which one is taking projects from the nearest centre shown in scenario. That is very interesting and important for AgeCare from head office to centres running projects and giving up and taking up projects.

Although Rich pictures describes the actors' activities and situations of AgeCare, it still has weakness in which a question to ask is for example, a centre does not take project, can it be to have admin staff, full time staff. They are expensive to have in centres. So, using part time staff is a good idea that we understood.

One complex situation we found that is it needed a legal form in which is described elder people signed for agreement that is he/she accepts AgeCare's servicing and programs running in projects.

According to the rich pictures, we understand that places where bus transporting to supermarkets, hospital that AgeCare provides elder people these services by taking care them. But some conflicts still is that is there any other first aid at the conditions someone is not feeling well. At this time, using trips to hospitals without seriously is waste of resources.

Some conflicts can be seen in rich pictures of AgeCare that were in this situations which is accommodation to elder people in AgeCare Centre. We want to know that how to make sex management for AgeCare that defines in scenario For example, same-sex living in rooms.

As rich pic shows that “Actor Activity “ in AgeCare environment as which centre has to take projects that run programs in centres where gives services for elder people.

For example, according to the Rich Picture, activities of staffs working in each centres where they run projects with the support of lead worker, manager, assistant manager and admin staff.

We think that there is not described that some relationships were missing between AgeCare staffs and Volunteers. That's one of the fact that we found. This relationships is not quite understanding and didn't show in case study.

Local government agency may not provide grants for AgeCare services to give, at the time of no permit from government agency, we should know what the problem is on the services AgeCare is giving. For example, illegal services?

Drawing rich pictures shows that which centre is responsible by taking the nearest centre which has to take projects according to reading the scenario and drawing rich pic. But it's not yet which centre takes the project which way for example, how it measure or we understand it. Looking at the place nearer with the areas of elder people? We should set a control to branched centres which can be managed.

It was occurred in the conflicted areas in managing the areas communicating between Canterbury and South England that problem is no central control is allowed for AgeCare. We do not occur control something about how to make services management in running projects that used many resources in it.

Section - B

B2. Two Keys uses of the System

There are two key uses of the system that is services and IS management.

Services (ie.Funding to run projects for charity services).

Information System Management (ie.Reports to finance department and AgeCare central administration, Funders and other related departments).

B2.1. Explaining why they are key to the system

It is because funding or finance is essential to create the Green Drive Project for AgeCare. It is because it's the time taken to get (share, release) information from head office or each of branched centres by the authorised person.

Shopping is one of the services described in case studies, all projects can be started after funding made, that's important for AgeCare . That's why in developing GreenDrive project that pilot new system helps to make sure in

Producing Management Reports are key issues for example, Keith Brooks (CEO) who needs to know well in charity sector to make decisions. That's to produce for funders in order to satisfy the management of cost, progress, conditions of how projects were running.

Sometimes, decisions may be to make urgently so at this time, correct information must be available in time. Information system management for GreenDrive projects is concerned with to improve the management information about people, services, resources.

B2.2 Producing a primary and secondary scenarios

Primary Scenarios (write transaction from GreenDrive)


P 1.The use case starts when the funders make funding for AgeCare Centre to run projects

P1.1 Projects can't start funding made before, it would be necessary

P1.2 Getting more funding improves running efficient use of resources

P 1.3 Funding is needed to get grants by Local Governments

P 1.4 Run AgeCare projects change developed into pilot system.

P 1.5 Produce reports to funders when projects is finished to satisfy them.

P 2. Arrange Timetable by Claire Graham calculates depends on the trips to supermarkets that she has the responsibility where to go to

P 2.1 Claire Graham (Project Leader) has to make arrangement timetable

P 2.2 Plan activities for trips before shopping trips were made

P 2.3 He finds out the new way of asking for a place for route buses from centres go.

P 2.4 It considers on the route the buses go normal track then allow to get shopping.

P 3. Arrange Route

P 3.1 Calculate the shortest route in order to use resources effectively and usefully.

P 3.2Making arrangement thatis concerned with the route as short as possible in order to use resources effectively

P 3.3 It depends on how far the supermarkets and AgeCare Centres .

P 3.4 Buses can go to supermarkets when arrangement is got.

P 4. Record Time, Fuel, Miles

P4.1 Centre staff (Doris Smith) records hours when drivers leave and return to Centres,

P 4.2 Record how much fuels the bus used for example, whether fuels is normally used or not in the same route.

P 4.3 Record miles taken for trips with its activities as project schedules.

P 4.4 Check the bus information when is left, returned, use of fuels, how long it takes.

P 4.5 After all info recorded, save it to send to departments concerned.

P5. Go shopping trips

P 5.1 According to the project schedule, shopping trips were made

P 5.2 Passengers (elder people) get shopping in supermarkets.

P 5.3 They returned to supermarkets when they finished shopping.

P6. Send Reports

P 6.1 Firstly, collect info about buses, funding, driver info.

P 6.2 Keeps the records for example, daily may be.

P 6.3 Keeps the daily activities might be included that is strange.

P 6.4 Produce reports for CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and funders.

Secondary Scenarios

We described two use cases for Secondary scenario that are Check Driver Security and Filling fuels.

S1. Check Driver Security by Doris Smith before drivers can start as a volunteer.

S1.1 Check validity of license before they start moving.

S1.2 Doris Smith check that drivers who are drunk or not or whose health is good enough for driving.

S 1.3 Checks return time to Centres.

S 1.4 If something troubled in buses, Driver can contact to Doris Smith.

S2 Filling Fuel has been already made funding before the project started in

S 2.1. Funding already made for fuels.

S 2.2 Have to limit how much fuels used in buses before.

S 2.3 check that fuels used is correct.

S 2.4 if something wrong with fuels used, complain to drivers what about that.

S 2.5 Fuels usage should be recorded in Bus Record Keeping.

Assumptions on Primary and Secondary scenario

In drawing Use Case diagram for GreenDrive, we becomes understanding about primary actors who are inside or outside the system. They are elder people, driver (volunteers), Claire Graham who is project leader, Doris Smith who is centre staff working in the case study.

We must firstly consider when the GreenDrive starts before we write the primary scenario. And then sequence of actions must be described what it was happened during the project. Finally, we need to show when the system stops

In Use Case Diagram, contains the drawing described inclusion and exclusion that means for inclusion shows “Must” For example, it's clear in these two Use Cases (Arrange Timetables , Record times, fuels, miles)

For Exclusion shows “Reusability” For example, in Use Case Diagram , (Check Route) can be reused in arrange timetables and record keeping.

We come to know secondary scenario is the alternative and exceptions to primary use case. As a secondary process, driver may call the emergency ph to office if there's in problem with the bus. How we think it of faced with the troubled? We should consider the ways to overcome like these conditions happened. So, we have to prepare for elder people to get next ferry to return.

Gas filling for buses is some kind of scenario to secondary. It is used to happened in buses fill gases. However, it must be recorded to check that how much the fuels used for going to shopping trips.

B3., Discussing the process followed in developing the use case and justifying the decision made

High Level Requirements for GreenDrive Project

  1. Central Administrative system that is required for AgeCare.
  2. 2) Ad-hoc Reporting for SEC (Senior Executive Committee) and Trustees.

    3) Measure Performance of projects with standard performance indicators.

    4) Data Consistency (to allow Staff data entry only once).

We assume that it should be made the priorities of requirements in running projects which had balance with the cost. for example, choosing the “Education Program” that is even needed for elder people who can read (road sign), not professional teaching, program taught them can't use complex terms so simple way of teaching methods are acceptable.

Training to elder people, volunteers will participate to get help them so the system should support interactions among them working with groups in deciding what is needed for requirements.

To control branched centres, administrative system is essentially required to develop as pilot new system that can cover working that are under control. Measurement to make improving efficient and long term for GreenDrive project that is required standard procedures or rules to control projects.

How it assisted in understanding Requirements

Managers watch the progress of elder people by reviewing their documents. So, documenting is the aim of the GreenDrive project is to develop MIS (Management Information Systems). Reports (MIS) to who have to generate to those people who are funders from external sources. We assume that GreenDrive project will be needed for AgeCare in managing staffs and resources effectively.

Data report to Trustees that is needed to be accurate and update because that's important for decision making process for CEO. The decision is made depending upon the documents so information can't be accessible when documents are failed to read because of unknown format. Unless standard format for documents, we will lose required information or delayed in decision making that might be wrong.

We should follow the “Arrange Route” that can be benefits that extra money may be come out and resources are applied usefully for example, fuels. This arrangement associated with for shopping to where our buses go.

It seems to be needed “Measurement” for trips to go trips as short as possible to management the trips of that information.

Firstly, must record route info by asking to drivers is pre-conditions before project leader arrange timetables.

Interview Examples:

The main points in conflicting we were taking out in Requirements Interviews that were shown in below.

  • Keith Brooks (CEO) said that “Unless we have the right information, it is very hard to do”
  • Claire Graham (Project Leader) said that “Supermarket is committed to giving them funding for the next two years so it's too bad if they don't like what we do”.
  • Christos Papadimitriou (Information Quality Officer) said that “My view is that we need a central database which people can enter information to through the internet”.
  • Jayne Harrison (Finance Director) said that “A new finance system we bought last year isn't working as I expected”

We can know how Use case assisted us in understanding requirements for GreenDrive Project. We will make some discussion with Requirements and Understanding about GreenDrive Project.

One requirement we found that is in shopping program that faced with their t products from supermarkets are expensive that funding amount for elder people gets difficult to buy it. So, we should know how funding required to control that kinds of problems.

Request new finance system requested by finance director (Jayne Harrison) so we must think of that to make finance system developed because that is included in main requirements dealing with funders along the AgeCare runs. Developing finance system makes benefits collecting funders who make funding more we expect and also attract them to make funding more.

Agecare intends to have more funding to be enough to use resources in projects (GreenDrive) that is new system to develop. We discuss about that because according to the

case study examples, one of the supermarkets has threatened because it seemed to reduce the funding

Make understanding about Use Case diagram helps that let us know how processes were run in GreenDrive projects. Moreover, it shows us how it important providing services with limited funding.

Req understanding and which actors who are inside or outside in the system. For example, outside the system (elder people, funders, government agency) that we can say that main requirements

More close among the Actors who works in AgeCare Environments because GreenDrive is intended to develop a new pilot system in that they need to discuss information with their experiences. We think of that the interactions between actors and AgeCare to which the system is still needed to communicate required information for example, they can fill the forms for requesting what they required and complainants.

There're processes run in the GreenDrive project can get satisfied (System running processes must be effectiveness in servicing to elder people). People works in projects should have a good relation to manage people because they run charity services to elder people. In above reasons, GreenDrive system is the one that can cover AgeCare troubles.

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