Managements concern of money being spent to upgrade communication systems is a valid concern, but if the business is going to compete with the global market a system upgrade is necessary. The first thing that needs to be implemented is a network operating system (NOS) that can route and manage communications on the network; it can also be used to coordinate network resources on every computer that uses the network or it can primarily be used on a dedicated server for all applications used on the same network. A computer network serve performs important functions for employees by allowing them to store data and access web-pages.

Once the (NOS) is set up the next step is to set up a hub that will connect all network components, this device sends a packet of data to all devices connected to the network, which is then received by a switch which is more intelligent than a Hub it can filter and send data to a specific destination on the network.

Finally a router must be installed so that employees and clients can access the intranet allowing them to view your web-page and chat with employees, the router is a special communication processor used to route packets of data through different networks making sure the data sent goes to the correct address or destination.

Intranet is used by organizational networks to provide limited access to data across the company's enterprise network. A company use's its existing network infrastructure along with internet connectivity standard's to produce software for the World Wide Web. The organizations intranet system then creates several applications that can run many types of computers through out the company such as mobile handheld computers or PC that can be access through out the company.

An organization must then create an extranet which allows vendors and customer limited access to its internal intranet system; only authorized buyers would be able to access a portion of the company's intranet system to obtain information about the company's product and how much it cost. The company's firewalls ensure little access to its internal data as to keep it secure.

Other tools employees are learning how to use is a spreadsheet formula, and formatting software to increase efficiency and productivity in its departments. While analyzing telecommunications services and cost for each employee to determine the best wireless service over a two year period.

Employee will also need to learn how to use a search engine to achieve operational excellence to help develop their internet skills by researching new technologies on the web. Employees can use the following search engines Yahoo, Google, and MSN to obtain information and compare the volume and quality of each search tool to see which one is easiest to use while producing the best results while doing research using the internet's search engines.

Employer's are now discussing the option of supplying each of its employees with a mobile wireless device and are requesting feedback from its employees on how it will effect job efficiency and productivity in their departments. And what other devices could be use to help support customers services faster and more accurately.

Wireless communication systems helps businesses stay in-touch with customers, suppliers, vendors, and employees by creating a more flexible arrangement when scheduling work. Wireless technology also helps to create new sales channels for dealing with customers, vendors, and suppliers when dealing with how a company's product is sent or received. When a customer, vendor, or supplier has a problem with the company's merchandise it can either call the company by using a 1-800 number or by e-mailing the company and give a brief summary of the problem they are having with their merchandise, same with vendors and suppliers they can call or send an e-mail stating the problems they are having with the company's product, so that a representative from the company will reply back to verify any problems the customer may be having with their merchandise, so a replacement can be shipped immediately to the customer to resolve any issue with their product.

Other ways of tracking a company's merchandise is by using radio frequency identification (RFID) tags to monitor the movement of its merchandise through-out the company, a small chip is embedded in the product to track its movement through the entire shipping process from the time it is built and loaded on the truck, until the time it finally arrives at its final destination.

A customer can log on to the company's web-cite and see just how far along their merchandise is in the shipping process and how long it should take for their merchandise to arrive. Wireless technology has come along way and just keeps getting faster and better making companies more efficient and more productive when servicing the public. Employers may need to train employees on what information can be shared or received over the internet; some e-mails contain potential threats of releasing a virus that could affect the company main frame cause all computers to shut down or could effect client's information or even delete such information, causing the company to lose valuable information about the clients account with the company, other viruses steal such information on clients then steal their identity and create false accounts using the stolen information causing major damage to a clients credit, after purchasing items with the stolen information causing the company to either pay for the stolen items or in some cases cause the company to have to close its business because the debt was to great to pay.

Large Corporation are now implementing new soft-ware to monitor employees e-mail and computer use while an employee is operating company computers. The reason organization have taken such drastic measure is to insure that employees are not sending company secrets to competitors or logging on to web-cites such as Facebook and Twitter while on company time. Many companies large or small now incorporate such soft-ware to deter employees from using such actives while on company time.

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