Personal Computer System Software And Application Software

Unit Title: Install a single-user personal computer system software and application software

Version: 3.0 Level:5 Credits: 5


In this assessment I have given the opportunity to install the operating system and the software for a company. It is for installing a single-user personal computer system software and application software. I will need make the plan, so I will do work in different phases like first I will make a list hardware and software require during installation for single-user personal computer. Secondly I will need to check compatibility between each other means hardware and software. Thirdly I will start hardware installation means fix components inside the CPU case. Forth phase is install window operating system. Fourth one will install the software according to requirements. Last one will test like I will open the window and then run the MS office and I will make sure they are not giving any errors. So after passing the test I will provide documents to the customer to take some guidance to run the operating system. I will provide 16 hours basic training of computer and internet, and free online help.

Task A:
Requirements for the software:

I will decide to install Windows 7 which was developed by Microsoft. So before install window 7 operating system on computer, I will check the requirements for window 7 from the manual. So after then I will need to check the compatibility between hardware and software. I will upgrade hardware components if required. When installation of the Operating system will finish, I need to make check software compatibility with the operating system. So I have written some requirements of window 7 with hardware below. It will save my time during installation.

Architecture 32bit 64bit
Processor 1 GHz IA-32 processor
1 GHz x86-64 processor

Memory ( RAM ) 1 GB 2GB
Graphics Card Nvidia GTX
HDD Free Space 16 GB of free disk space 20 GB of free disk space
Optical drive DVD-ROM drive
Minimum requirement for Application Software ( MS Office and Book keeping)

Criteria Minimum
Processor 1 GHz
Hard Disk Space 3.0 GB (3.5 GB for Professional editions)
Display 1024 x 576 (1024 x 768 for Professional editions)
Video Subsystem Graphics hardware acceleration requires a DirectX 9.0c graphics card with 64 MB or more video memory
Operating System ' Windows XP with SP3 (excluding 64-bit editions)
' Windows Vista with SP1
' Windows 7
' Windows 8
' Windows Server 2003 with SP2 and MSXML 6.0 (excluding 64-bit edition)
' Windows Server 2003 R2
' Windows Server 2008
' Windows Server 2008 R2
' Windows Server 2012

2.) Produce a plan to ensure the installation is scheduled to minimise disruption to the user.

There are many steps to minimise the disruption during the installation of the operating system. These are the some points that one should keep in mind before doing the installation:

' Data Backup: I has to clear the user when window will installed successfully then your data will be erased so we need transfer your data to anther resource like external hard disk, online data backup or DVD's as a backup. So after installation data will be available for user.

' Customization of the data: Customization of the data means data will arrange as it is as before installation. So for that I will take the screenshot of the user's desktop so I can arrange the data on the new system exactly as it was on the old system. Customizing the data like arranging the desktop icons saves the time and makes the navigation easy for the user.

' Time availability: I will need to do the installation during the free hours or on the holiday so it won't affect the user's working schedule and I will also get to know how much time do I have to finish the installation

3.) Create a review procedure to ensure that the final outcome meets user requirements.

' Window 7 the Operating system installed on system is working properly and it is not giving any errors and it meets the user's requirements.
' Web Browsers like Chrome and Firefox are working well.
' All drivers are installed and working properly.
' All the application software are installed according to the user's demand.
' All software's are purchased and registered legally.
' Desktop is arranged according to the user's previous system.
' Backup files are transferred to the new system and the data is available for the user to use.
' Users have been educated to use the new operating system and other softwares. Users have been provided with the email and telephone for any additional support.

Task 3

1.) First, turn on the computer by pressing the power button and wait for the windows to turn on. Screenshot below shows that the windows booting was successful and it turned on properly without any error.

User will get authentication screen and by entering the password, user can access the system

2.) To open windows explorer. Click on Start > Computer or just click on shortcut icon of computer on the desktop.

Screenshot below shows the windows explorer is working properly without any error.

3.) Open a word document from start menu. Click on Start > Microsoft Word

4.) To save a word document, click on File > Save or Save. Save as allows you to save the document to the different folder.

After that you get the option of saving your document to a specific folder. From there you can select Desktop and save your file there.

File saved on desktop

using Operating System:

1.) First step for the user is to login using the password so they can access the system

User can use start menu to search file or folders by simply clicking on the start icon at the bottom left of the screen. If user wants to search for a specific folder they can also use the inbuilt search engine in the start menu

3.) Other way of accessing files is Window Explorer. To open windows explorer just click on start icon and then click on computer or just use Computer shortcut icon on the desktop. User can save any kind of data in hard drives available in Windows Explorer.

4.) Getting access to the internet is easy. User can use the taskbar to open up the MOZILLA FIREFOX or they can use desktop shortcut icons to access internet

Using Application softwares:

1.) There are three different ways of opening MS Word. First is to open it from start menu, second is to open it from the taskbar and the third option is to use shortcut icon on the desktop. After working on MS Word you can save your file using Save or Save as option. If you have saved your file before then you can just use save but if you have not, you can use save as option to save the file where ever you want.

5.) Customer will be provided with free training of 5 hours. In the training we will teach the user very basics things about the Operating System, handling the PC and Ms Word which includes.
' Turning on the PC
' Opening Windows using login option
' Using the start menu to search for files and folders
' Using Windows explorer and saving data on the hard drives
' Using taskbar for opening internet explorer
' Opening a Word Document
' Saving a Word Document

6.) Customer Sign-Off Checklist
Checklist Yes NO
I have been provided with the latest Operating system (Windows 7)
Operating system is legally purchased and registered
Operating system is tested and working properly
I have been provided Ms Office 2010
MS Office is legally purchased and activated
Ms Word is working properly without any errors
Everything is customized according to my demand
I have been given a free tutorial book
I have been given free 5 hours training
I have been provided with free technical support number
I have been provided with all the documents, manuals and driver CD's

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