Technical - The Software requirement are as followed:

Position Management and Classification

  • The system must help forward processes, with full management confidence of assigned position classification authority.
  • The system shall allow managers to arrange organizations under their control.
  • Quickly develop classification documents, by the use of position description.
  • The system shall provide ways to produce important information in response to classification appeals.
  • The system must support the important aspects of identifying position requirements.
  • The system shall generate documents automatically that makes human resources management activities much easier accomplish.
  • The system must help managers account for the total work force unitization.
  • The system should provide analysis, recommendations, and maintenance of position arrangements and supporting an assigned task.
  • The system must descried the work of a position and apply policies and standards. It also should have identification of knowledge, skills and competencies.
  • The system must classify positions according to the Organizational Process Model (OPM)
  • The system must update position and work force information in personnel files.

Recruitment and Staffing

  • The system should work together with managers and process information indentifying both short and long term needs.
  • The system must include all activities required in acquiring applicants and getting their information in an automated system.
  • The system must figure out and apply pay scales for employees.
  • The system must maintain historical files that include an audit trail for all actions.

Personnel Action Administration

  • The system must maintain records, updating, storing and disposing of document and records.
  • The system must track past, current and pending personnel actions.
  • The system must automatically give reminders to the managers for the completion of probationary periods and temporary appointments and other time sensitive actions.
  • The system must covert official personnel folders to and electronic medium.

Benefits Administration

  • The system must explain in detail all requirements related to benefits for employees.
  • The system must be able to produce the eligibility and benefits and document the action.
  • The system must be able to provide paperless flow of information.

Labor-Management and Employee Relations

  • The system must be able to validate and obtain approval for incentive awards.
  • The system must track employee relations from start to finish.
  • The system shall monitor employee's performance and probationary periods.

Work Force Development

  • The system must support planning, development of training and career to meet the needs of employees.
  • The system will track all training for employees.
  • The system must provide planning, development and deliver training and career programs to meet agency and employees needs.
  • The system must track the completion on training for all employees.
  • The system must keep track of financial projections and start of controls maximizes the training funds.
  • The system must evaluate the effectiveness and quality of the courses, program content and instructional values.

Time and Attendance Processing

  • Leave Processing
  • Pay Processing
  • Labor Cost and Distribution
  • Reporting, Reconciliation, and Records Retention

Leave Processing

  • The system must calculate accruals and carryovers for sick and vacation days of all employees.
  • The system must provide audit trails and control data ensuring all reported leave hours as been processed correctly.
  • The system must ensure leave without pay, workers compensation program, education and FMLA.
  • The system must calculate leave for part-time employees and what they are entitled to receive.
  • The system must provide end of year facial, end of calendar year and leave year end processing for any government agencies guidelines.
  • The system must automatically convert leave taken in excess, based upon the leave priority policy.

Pay Processing

  • The system must calculate pay at the end of each pay period, using information from the time and attendance processing function.
  • The system must calculate current and future pay periods
  • The system must calculate earning adjustments on a start and end date basics.
  • The system must calculate overtime.
  • The system must calculate pay deductions for all positions along with commissions for sales employees.
  • The system must calculate mandatory deductions, Federal, State and Federal Compensation Act (FICA).
  • Optional deductions Medical and Dental Insurance along with life insurance.
  • Involuntary deductions like Internal Revenue (IRS) levies and garnishments
  • The system must update employee's personal payroll information, electronic funds transfer information.
  • The system must maintain retirement data and service history.
  • The system must generate unemployment compensations records severance pay.
  • The system must payment of unpaid compensation for beneficiaries.

Labor Cost distribution

  • The system must calculate work units by predefined data elements.
  • The system must update elements driving the cost accumulation process.
  • The system must produce electronic output for work units for use in other systems.

Reporting, reconciliation, and record retention

  • The system must provide statistical human resources program plans for goals and management objectives. Covering all activities in the coarse of a year or longer for comparisons.
  • The system must generate history for pay, time and attendance, leave history for all employees

General System Requirements

  • The system must be at the standard agency level, accept processes and report on transactions with other external systems.
  • The system must record transactions and related information to give the control. A custom interface may be required to identify and format transactions.
  • The system must be flexible when accepting input from multiple media knows the unique data input requirements of interface systems.
  • The system must list all transactions from all interfacing systems to the standard human resources payroll system, validations, and error correction procedures.
  • The system must customize data input, processing rules, and edit criteria.
  • The system must define internal operational procedures.
  • The system must be callable of identifying transaction processes from other systems that update the standard human resources and payroll.
  • The system must provide the users with customized output for reporting and providing interfaces to other systems to meet agency requirements.

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