Virgin brand, a leading venture capital company, is one of the most recognized and respected brands in the world. 1970 Sir Richard Branson, the design, by the Virgin Group of companies large areas of highly successful growth of mobile phones, transportation, etc. are

Virgin is one of the most recognized and respected global brand. Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Group in 1970 Started by a very successful growth companies in a wide range of mobile phones, transportation, tourism, financial services, media, music and sports have been from. Virgin is the key to success is diversification of activities in all areas.

Ensure their customers with innovative products. Virgin 29 countries with more than 200 brand-building is carried out. Virgin Atlantic has 50,000 employees to be more successful with excitement continues. 17000000000 potential employees about $ 2,008 income created Virgin.

Richard Branson.

Sir Richard Branson, Charles Nicholas (July 18, 1950) and his Virgin brand of British industrialists, most known for more than 360 companies.

Branson first successful commercial enterprises in the age of 16, published a magazine called Student. Later in 1970, mail-order company was founded in sound recordings. In 1972, the Virgin record stores, Virgin Megastores, then a new name, at the end of 2007 to purchase a well-known management company Zavvi record store opened. Branson's Virgin brand grew rapidly 20th century 80's, Virgin Atlantic Airways and Virgin Records to expand his music company was founded. Branson began to travel, his English Channel generally made in a "self registration box on the enrollment reductions no record. London retail store in the car in the trunk of its data sold buy. That mail order business through the sale in 1970 dividend cut saved continued. Deputy under the name "Virgin" he said, especially the chain WH Smith much more 'is not high street' shops record sold more than left. called "Virgin" Those new to the work of the staff the name suggests Branson first party recommended by. many products, the sales agreement, less restrictive period under the 1950 and 1960, but efforts have been sold, at least so-called resale price maintenance. actually Branson music in general registry changes, a reduced number led started. In 1992, in the order their airline to keep Branson Virgin EMI Records, sold for $ 1,000,000,000 . Branson business sale has been completed then re-enter the music business reasons were a record U.S. Virgin Empire.He shouted V2 records, "he said. permanently closed because all the shops were sold to Zavvi

Richard Branson, the world's richest 261 billionaires on the Forbes 15 billion pounds (about 2.5 billion U.S. dollars) in 2009 according to the list of the estimated net asset


The history of the Virgin in 1968, when the first printer company, Richard's 'students' magazine. Brand.Then who led the world in 1970 will, was born on the first Virgin record shop in Oxford Street came to mind, opened in London. Grass is still sacred, until 2008 that copper. In 1971, a studio in Oxford, England, the first Virgin artist, Mike Field, bell records management best "real estate" was called up. Richard Branson believes that a variety of work. His potential and to promote the success of diversification strategies. Richard Branson in 1984 and how the vehicle can run. Virgin Atlantic will start flying and a variety of fascinating places. Nowhere. Later. Virgin birth of goods. Virgin is located in the transport sector.

Richard Branson in 1988 and once again shopping for large-scale investment portfolio diversification. Therefore, the new Virgin Megastores in Glasgow and Paris and many other UK, Europe, America and the Pacific region, city store and then opened. Virgin mega stores in Japan in 1990 and officially arrived.

Virgin rail services in 1997. Virgin West Coast Trains franchise won the 15th annual inter-city lines. Because they are in full swing - Pendolino tilting train, they had to start after only five years.

Richard Branson, the mobile communications industry and service enterprises has also shown itself to be successful. Virgin Mobile is changing the way people communicate. How? On the one hand, we have no (hidden costs, things and more honest) to make sure cheaper.

The next step in the direction of financial markets, has proven to be successful in their own companies. His strategy, potential and passion pushed him to success I believe. Thus, the success of this important Virgin.

In 2001, Virgin Group, British Virgin Radio Virgin Radio in 1990, first by the development of successful international format established by the Virgin Radio International FM radio business as a potential audience of more than 250 million people around the world participating.

Virgin Radio International, launched in 2001. 95.5 Virgin Hitz Bangkok Bates 2002, Taylor's Entertainment (the world's leading media companies cooperate Bates part of Thailand) has started. Virgin Radio International, 2006 media and entertainment in HT (Hindustan Times Group, New Delhi, the company fired 104 partners) launched in the context.

Virgin Radio in Italy in 2007 in collaboration with the Italian wireless operator GruppoFinelco start.

Mumbai and Bangalore in India to further expand the thermal emission.

2008Virgin 17 countries and radio station Virgin France - The French national music television - in the leading French media group Lagardere and launched with the cooperation.

India.Virgin Radio Dubai went Fever Calcutta) partnerships Arab Radio Network (part of the Arab Media Group launches. Virgin Radio in Toronto, Canada's largest media, Astral Media Group was launched.

Virgin Radio is the leading Turkish media group Media Group.2009Virgin Emergence of the Turkish Radio and Television, Vancouver, Ottawa and Montreal began its relationship with the interstellar medium began.

Virgin role of technology:

How digital technologies to help us launch the Virgin in the real environment in a way between Yi and the Virgin in their original state. Information technology (IT) media's customer role to provide help to the name "Virgin Digital use. Its broader importance of an" information system ", such as interpersonal communication, data, hardware and software, and social environment series based organization.

Successful information technology company and its affiliated companies are very important information that factors in order to access all of the people is the point of independence. Today's information technology needed for any organization because it's important in life that many in the real environment at a global level technology organization in human blood.

a thorough knowledge of information technology is impossible not to consider the social world, interaction developed. social, political, economic and political aspects, as pawns of "decision makers" are doomed to know is not the computer experts.

In computer

"Information technology research" is defined to connect with the design, development, implementation, support or computer-based management. This definition includes signals. However, given the general definition used in the present (1989), the "computer and telecommunications applications, and use a broadband router with your PC collection of radio waves, there are three types of wireless networks to communicate.

XXL broadband products

XL broadband

Broadband L

These three types of media development in recent years, communications and computer technology, the two binary numbers with data processing users, and the intensive forms of integration of silicon microprocessors. Therefore, the 'technology', usually only in the broadest sense, Xian Dai computer and communications technologies including the. Some key technology is to use a more narrow sense 'and' information and reference books in the wider information and communication technology means.

new information technologies, we need ways to get the computer to use, industrial, and commercial influence if a general purpose machine, the human brain focused action, the industrial revolution, mechanization mechanization, such as human and animal muscle power business. The effect of this technology is widely used as a common and devastating inevitable. Computer industry, business, government, education and entertainment applications, including widely used in all sectors of society has become a technology.

For businesses, IT is only the end - this information is to create and implement business decisions. effective organizational system so that they may encounter in the best situation you can decide Needs. Thus, an organization's information systems, data collection, analysis and introduction of useful information, because the results of decisions can be an expert. After the decision, should be applied to those who run, success or failure of the operation. As more automated decisions using this technology, the most effective organizational goals can be made.

Daily work:

Gain competitive advantage

Four alternative strategies to achieve competitive advantage: Better, better marketing, indispensable for him to do differently.

to do better. First, the customer company can send some ways looking for the same thing - a product or service better than others work better in, like others such as better, cheaper to produce, or easier to think of consumers served.

The most obvious way of doing it better, cheaper and more convenient products to offer. As a more sustainable high-tech features () (if not sold defective), for better or cheaper than its competitors manufacturing and supply sources can produce high quality can be found. Instead of the same product or service can be provided on the door of the consumer products, features have to collect. Therefore, more sales and / or more profits can be obtained.

Good marketing. through other public places, marketing, case studies and marketing channels, the investigation of the copper market of oil products to improve radio channel. In the long run, consumers are likely to be too vague in the market can not be misled. But anyway I do not know them, because consumers do not sell very good products can not be said. In many cases, brand management needs a good product or service, in an effective and efficient manner, such as Coca-Cola soft drinks for the request is different. Other versions of different products and producers from monopoly to create a class version.

Take a different approach. intellectual property that we mentioned in the title because there is another competitive strategy of innovation. Your product may cause different game types have greater competitive advantage. Equipment or trained staff needed for new products before competitors of new products, delays can be invested to produce the competition will be preserved. The first generation in this region - including in the media through free advertising can take advantage of brand marketing is even. Patent protection can be added to existing design rights and copyrights.

Make your own is essential. If a fine strategy to try products or services clearly an engineer. To compare the average, a pause, but the product or service automatically re-layout. Examples of the book or record club allows automatic selection of the current month. Dell to say happy times: "No one would buy Dell launches myth acceptance." IBM's corporate customers and technical education staff, to their existing plant managers' efforts in a good position to provide such an assumption should be upgraded next generation equipment, Big Blue will choose meaningful.


Virgin's operations are subject to their community. In addition, Virgin Atlantic's equal opportunity to every community resources more effort by the organization are to provide benefits. Adhere to good corporate reputation and social relations they are.

Technical level

The emergence of information technology and the Internet in recent years, how active VIRGIN. Number of IT Companies / IS systems and use the Internet to reach customers worldwide, and global understanding of life in the latest trends. In addition, the company's production facilities can use to improve their production and management.

Legal issues

Virgin and other companies on behalf of another company's products during the build with the contribution agreement is a contract. organizastion completely legal obligations of the contract between the trust if there is time to fill.

Policies and government regulations, local, and more cautious business activities, international companies. To avoid problems, according to its own business practices, the company is legitimate any action strive to provide the highest standards.


Virgin customer value, for different strategies in different situations to customers under the umbrella of an "air" is connected to. To diversify the balance of these revenues and expenses, minimize risk, and in equal shares and the expected changes to protect their profitability ..

With this information, companies should continue to seek innovative software, with the last update of the World Wide Web and the actual program with other companies to develop production. Companies efficiently and effectively with customers and shareholders a good relationship, you need to set up permanent work. innovation and implementation of programs and trends in various sectors need to build for the Virgin. developing marketing strategies, as well as customer and employee relations with the building should focus on the marketing concept and strategy provisions, it must identify the customer needs to focus on business and marketing reasons life to save his client.


Virgin Radio International, Eastern and Asian deals in North and South America, Europe, Africa, Middle explore the future of Virgin Radio stations are expected to introduce more.

The virgin land often lead to introduce new products. Therefore, the game does not swear. But now it is very cruel chastity. As technology has become competitive, and Twitter, Facebook Vodafone mobile phones and flight procedures, such as British Airways to integrate iPlayer, are familiar with.

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