Web Usability And Its Influence In Web Development

Web usability is an endeavor to make the web more usable and accessible to all people in the society, this includes those with physical disabilities.(Brinck, Gergle & Wood 2002) This is indiscriminate of age, gender, tribe or nationality .It is a corporate venture to both the government and non-governmental bodies. (Gao 2005)
Using of the web can generally be divided into four main stages, these are:
1) Web accessibility
For a site to be well accessible it should contain some of these characteristics: it should contain adequate text to background contrast, have a short loading time, have a well sized and spaced text which can be read easily and should have alternatives in case a certain resource is not available such as a picture.(Jacko & Stephanidis 2003)
2) Resource identification.
The user of the web should be able to identify you with the very most ease as possible. (Thurow & Musica 2009)For instance if it is a company, its logo and trademarks should be clearly visible in the website. The purpose of the website should be easily noted, the primary goal of a website is usually in most organizations is publicity and marketing purposes. Contact information about the company should be available. (Lidwell, Holden & Butler 2003)

3) Web navigation
After one has got to the desired website the next vital step is navigation in the website to get information(Qian et al. 2014). A well designed website should have clear directives on the navigations on the website. It should contain labels and navigation path guidelines.(Callahan 2007)
4) Content gathering
It is very clear that context is the mother of all in a website. This is all the user wants to get from a website. The context headings should be well clear, critical information should be on the top part, have a consistent style and color combinations and generally be appealing to the user eyes.(Wang et al. 2014)
The website should be friendly to the user, this is by avoiding disruptive pop ups, and providing concise and relevant information to the user appropriately. (Gao 2005)

Having considered the points above, web designers have an obligation to ensure that the stated factors have been taken into consideration when designing a website. The web designer should ensure that ensure that web content is legible.(Anon n.d.)
Web designers have to incorporate various technologies to facilitate this effects. CSS is used for styling. They have to use desirable font styles and fonts. Above all the web designer has to think big and use an intelligently selected color combination.(Miesenberger 2008)

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