Website Usability Checklist

Experience is a powerful thing but I always wonder why people sit down and try to map what they know.(Anon n.d.)
.To developed a 25 point website usability write the whole process down to make sure that I do not forget any critical process when working with a new client.
What is web usability & why is it important?
It all about making your website in such a way that your site users can find what they're looking for quickly , efficiently and make sure that the website is easy to use a good website can reap a huge benefit on to your website and your business.
Your website has to be easy to navigate
:customers are used to one format, layouts and phases on the internet eg
' in a homepage Organization logo is in the top-left corner and links back to the homepa
(Anon n.d.)
Web usability is the easy to use of a web site.Some broad goals of usability are the presentation of information and choices in a clear and concise way, a lack of ambiguity and the placement of important items in appropriate areas. Another big concern for usability is that the website is appropriate for all ages and genders.(Anon 2014)
How a Great Design Can Subconsciously Influence Your Audience
The design of the website is going to make a great impact than you think. While the elements like layout, efficient ,if easy, content carrying, and usability will matter, there are also many many ways that your audience can be affected by your website design. When people first come to your website, they will take in all of their surroundings. They will make a decision as to whether they want to keep reading and learn more based on their reaction to the design of the site. Your goal is to create a website that is designed so that people are tempted and want to stay to see what you have to offer.

When a person views your website, reads the content, navigates the site, interacts with your business, and gets involved in other ways, their constantly evaluating what they are doing and how they like the experiences that they are having. People are affected by everything they see in that website the words and the pictures should be appeling to the actual words on your site, as well as their own thoughts and previous experiences with websites that they have visited. When it comes to visual appeal, you have to use something that makes people feel interested and welcome. A clean, easy-to-navigate design will attract a much bigger audience than a clouded, overly busy website. There are even specific colors that people respond/like/are attracted to better than others, you should be careful as you choose the colours to use in your webpage Krug 2009)

The words on your site are also going to be an element of your design that affects people. What people read is going to affect their emotions, even if it is only on a small thing. The content that you create needs to provide people with the opportunity to experience positive emotions, relate to your company, and understand where you are coming from or what you have to offer. Use simple words and an informal tone that is engaging and appealing to your audience, no matter what you are trying to accomplish with your content.

Even simple elements like the right alignment in your design and the use of white space can influence the subconscious of your audience. If things are properly aligned, they look cleaner, more professional, and more visually appealing. At the same time, using white space draws people's attention to the content that is on your site, and subconsciously makes people feel like they are not being overwhelmed with information. Designing websites is not rocket science, but there are things like these that you have to consider in creating your design. The greater effect you have on the your audience, the more likely they are to get involved with your business in the end, after all. (Anon n.d.)
A good web design influences your online marketing success
A good web design influences your online marketing success. Many companies will update their web presence from time to time. Although they pay attention to the visual aspects of this process, they seldom get sufficient insight in to the overall design for their marketing strategy.
In many cases the updated design has a negative effect on the overall objective of creating a new website. This is because only a limited number of factors are considered in the re-design such as a brand launch . Its important to think about the entire marketing mix and how this will play a part in the new web design. Lets take a closer look at a few elements of the digital marketing mix to ensure you consider them during a new website design process.
Authority and simplicity are the key success factors to this section. Being authoritative is portraying a site that is professional at every step in the visitor experience. Making sure your visitor feels as if they are dealing with a company of integrity has a great deal to do with your web design itself. Imagery, call to action buttons etc. All play a part in making the visitor feel confident that you are a professional business.(Brinck, Gergle & Wood 2002)
Simplicity is key as over complicated, heavy pages can also slow the load speed of the page and negatively affect the visitor experience. Although bear in mind over simplifying your appearance can also create a perception that you are not professional enough to deal with, so it is important to maintain a healthy balance between the client(Krug 2009)
(Anon n.d.)


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