Women Security System

Abstract: - In the current scenario there is a highest priority issue of women security. Government has provided security through rules & regulation to society. There are different aspects, areas & scopes of women security. Recently security concern is the major problem. Generally society is victim of the terrorism, kidnaper, theft, murder .At the same time women are facing problems like chain snatching, kidnapping, molestation etc. Now a days these problematic situations have spoiled the peace of the society. Women security issue has become most important. Every one very much familiar to all incidents those are happening around us.
There are some applications available in the market for security purpose. Some applications like android application, smart finger ring etc. Women security system topic has been chosen by considering so many issues, aspects, areas, need & problems .Women security system has considered for providing solution to different problems. The important part of the system is prevention of incident & communication through wireless medium. A security system in which prevention will be the highest event & communication is second event.
Prevention & communication is the aim of women security system.


The basic Principle used for security system is prevention & communication by using GPS,GSM technology.
The prevention of Molestation, kidnapping, murder are most important events than the communication of that event wireless communication.
Hence the project is divided into two parts.
1) Prevention of Incident, 2) Communication of that incident through wireless,
To prevent above mentioned incidents various techniques are being used such as spray model, automatic shocking system, alarm etc.
The SMS information, video information, audio information can be sent to various people like Cops, Doctor, Family Members. A sorted information will be sent to the concern people i.e. doctor will have information of medical help, police will have information of legal & judicious help of that incident and family members will have information of their daughter / wife / mother.

Following block diagram shows the system overview of women security system:

Figure 1


Figure 2


Figure 3

Following are the parts of the system.

a) Transmitter section/User section/Prevention section

b) Receiver section/Dedicated section /Communication section

Following are the important blocks of Transmitter
Sensors, Siren, Shock mechanism, Spray model
Emergency keys , GSM/GPS System, Microcontroller

Following sensors are used at the Transmitter Side

A) Pulse Rate Sensor
B) Pressure sensor
C) Voice coding sensor

A) Pulse Rate Sensor:

Pulse Rate Sensor plays important role to have controller action to use preventive measures automatically.
Preventive tools like spray mechanism &shocking mechanism
Will be automatically turned on to get relief from criminal.
Controller will have next priority to process data through GPS&GSM model. As Per figure 2 controllers takes data from
Pulse rate sensor. &it will act as per status of pulse.
In normal situation pulse rate of human being is constant but whenever there is a psychological incidents such as happiness, sadness, excitement, fear etc. that status won't produce constant pulse rate of the heart. In that condition signal comparison will be carried out by micro controller, hence if there is a problematic situation, uncomforted situation for the person at that time that pulse rate plays important role to have further process of that system.

B) Pressure Sensor:
Two pressure sensors are being used for different task.
As per figure 2 the function of the pressure sensor is to convert pressure into electrical pulse which is given to the microcontroller.

For following cases pressure sensors are useful
a) At the time of molestation
b) When user is not able to oppose to The criminal.

Case 1: At the time of molestation pressure sensor will convert
Pressure into electrical Signal &signal will pass to Controller to have expected events to be carried out as per priority.

Case 2: When user is not able to oppose to the criminal, in that
Case as per foot moment pressure can be converted into electrical signal &then it can pass to controller to have expected events to be carried out as per priority.

C) Voice Code Sensor:

Voice Code Sensor is responsible to have signal to the micro controller regarding some acknowledgment according to that sensor output, micro controller / processor will produce necessary action. Voice Code will be defined by system designer.

Following are the preventive mechanisms used for security.

A) Alarm
B) Shock mechanism
C) Spray model

A) Alarm: whenever there is a problematic situation user
Can press emergency key switch by which alarm
Will turn on automatically& if user is not able to press. Switch in that condition heart bit rate status will be responsible to play horn with the help of microcontroller.

B) Shock Mechanism: At the time of molestation Criminal will have heavy shock to get relief from criminal.

C) Spray Model: for prevention purpose automatic spray
Will turn on &criminal will become unconscious.

Following is the key concept/emergency keys

Emergency Keys
Emergency manual keys have been used to prevent the crime. A key has been defined for necessary carrying of event to the micro controller and the peripheral. But some time emergency keys operation by manually will have failure, in that incident the victim person may not able to operate those manual keys. In that case pulse sensor, voice code sensor, foot press sensor plays important role to reduce failure of manual keys.

Manual keys will be responsible for siren or horn communication, GSM, GPS based communication and for preventive action.

GSM & GPS Communication:

GPS technology is the responsible for location tracking of that person & with the help of GSM technology & code signal will be transmitted in the form of message, voice, picture information to the required destinations. Nearest cops control room, nearest medical facility room, family members & to the Govt. Authorities.

GSM technology uses the principle of TDMA i.e. Time Division Multiple Access. It operates at either 900 MHz or 800 MHz frequency band. GPS receiver has got 16 channels. GPS receiver provides high position, velocity, time accuracy performances as well as high sensitivity and tracking capabilities. Very fast TTFF.

LPC 2138 / ARM 7 Micro Controllers:

Micro Controller LPC 2138 / ARM 7 plays important role to have prevention and communication of that incident. Pulse rate sensor, horn, emergency keys, GSM, GPS system are communicated with micro controller. Status of pulse rate of the women / person will be given to the micro controller & as per pulse rate signal further communication will happen or further task will be carried out by micro controller as per priority. Following are the important features of ARM 7 TDMI processor. i) It is 32 bit processor, ii) It based on risk architecture, iii) High Speed & Lowe Power consumption, iv) It employees unique architectural strategy known as thumb which is required for high volume application.

Following are the blocks for Receiver
GSM ,Dedicated Mobile ,LCD Display,PC

LCD Display has been used to display the text message at the destination i.e. to cops control room, family member's mobiles, doctor, concern Govt. Authority.


A. Hardware Implementation:

i) Transmitter Side: Micro Controller Based System with pulse rate sensor, siren, voice code sensor, foot press sensor, spray model.

ii) Receiver Side: LCD display, PC, Mobile etc.



The women security system is the helpful tool to have self defense for women. There are chances to reduce crimes against molestation, kidnapping, murder etc.

By using this system prevention of incident is been carried out by using spray model, shock model, siren indication, these methods will be helpful to prevent that violence rather than communication. Communication through GPS & GSM technology is the supplementary part to have help to the person. In future to have legal process video information can be sent to the cops, State & Central Govt. to have immediate punishment to the criminal.

Also the system will be helpful to all people those who are in remote area for their protection against criminal, atmospheric problems like earthquakes, flood problems, heavy rainy season, heavy fog season etc.


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