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Our management essays and dissertations cover many popular topics in this field of study – including: organisations and people, international strategic management, marketing strategy, management research, finance, new venture creation, knowledge management, contemporary issues in management, international financial management, international business and public sector management. We also have a wide range of management essays on more niche management topics. Our essays span a range of levels from college and undergraduate through to MBA and PhD.

Management is the study of business functions and business practices. This is a broad subject that covers core business disciplines such as Accounting, Finance, Operations Management, Business Law, Organisational Behaviour and more. This free Management essays section offers essays and dissertations on a range of modules covered on a Management degree such as Management Theory, Leadership Style, Quality Management and many more.

Top tips for writing your Management Dissertation

1. Don't be over ambitious

You may be tempted to pick a topic that you think will impress markers, but picking a topic that is over-ambitious can land you in trouble. The best dissertations are those where:

  • The topic is one that interests you and you are passionate about.
  • Information and data are easily and readily available.
  • The brief and aim of the project is specific and focused on one particular area of a chosen topic.

2. Identify specific research questions

Spend time coming up with questions that flow from your main research aim, this will save you time later. Once you have written down your questions, is there information readily available that will help you answer them? If not, then change your questions to suit the information available to you. Remember this is a small-scale project, so make the questions manageable. It is better to have a few questions that are answered in depth, than lots of questions that are not discussed enough.

3. Do the Research

Build in plenty of time for researching. It takes time to identify the correct information, so allow time for this. Use journals, books, articles and on-line resources and make sure you use as up to date material as you can. There is no point talking about research conducted over 10 years ago – you need to focus on current research where possible.

4. Stick to the expected layout

Each institution may suggest their own layout, but typical sections include:

  • Introduction
  • Background
  • Literature Review
  • Methodology
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion

As well as these typical sections, sub-headings are also useful for guiding the reader and making your work flow. Put thought into what sub-headings may be appropriate for your piece, and how they can help link your ideas and arguments.

5. Review and Rework

Once you have the first draft written, spend time editing. Read it through aloud, what looks right on paper, may sound messy out loud. You want your ideas to be clearly understood, so spend the time reworking your piece until it is as clear and concise as it can be.

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