The New York Stock Exchange is located at 11 Wall Street, New York City, New York to the North of Manhattan. The New York Stock Exchange is the largest stock exchange in the world. It is also known as "The Big Board". The New York Stock Exchange was funded on May 17, 1792. It was signed by twenty-four stock brokers and merchants outside of 68 Wall Street at New York. The Paper signed was called The Buttonwood Agreement. The New York Stock Exchange is owned by NYSE Euronext and has 2,773 listings. The New York Stock Exchange Provides a mean for buyers and also sellers to trade shares of stock in companies only registered for public trading. The New York Stock Exchange had its first stock ticker in 1867. In 1843 The New York Stock Exchange opened its trading floors to women because back then women weren't allowed. In 1903 The New York Stock Exchange moved into new quarters at 18 Broad Street. IN 1915 the market price was given in US dollars. In 1971 The New York Stock Exchange was recognized as a Non- for Profit Organization. In Now in 2010 The New York stock Exchange is still at the top followed by NASDAQ. Some of the stocks that are with The New York stock Exchange are Pepsi Co Inc., The Coca Cola Company, Johnson and Johnson, McDonalds, Gillette, Wal-mart and others. The New York Stock Exchange is the first type of exchange where most of the trading is done face-to-face. This trading is done on a Trading Floor. This type of trading is also referred to as listed exchange. The steps to the trading are these, First, the "orders" come through brokerage firms, and these are members of the exchange. The orders are flown down to floor brokers, these floor brokers go to a certain place on the floor where the actual stock trades. At this specific place there is a specialist, a person whose job is to match the buyers and sellers. The prices are determined using a method called an "Auction Method". An Auction Method is: The Current Price is the highest amount a buyer is willing to pay and the lowest price at which someone is actually willing to sell. Once the actual trade has been made, the details of this trade are sent back to the brokerage firm, then the brokerage firm notifies the investor who placed the order. Although there is actual human contact during the process of a trade the New York Stock Exchange is not old because in The New York Stock Exchange computers play a major role in the process. The president of The New York Stock Exchange is Richard Whitney. The New York Stock Exchange has "Seats" which have different prices but are really valuable. The most expensive seat was valued at more than 3,000,000 dollars (US). In February 2, 1999 the seat was valued at 2,000,000 dollars (US). So these seats are very expensive. The First New York Stock Exchange members, and who also signed the Buttonwood Agreement were, Leonard Bleecker, Hugh Smith , Armstrong and Barnewall , Samuel March, Bernard Hart, Alexander Zunts, Andrew D. Barclay, Sutton & Hardy, Benjamin Seixas , John Henry, John A. Harden Brook, Samuel Beebe, Benjamin Winthrop, John Ferrers , Ephraim Hart, Isaac M. Gomez, Julian McEvers, Augustine H. Lawrence , G.N. Bleecker, John Bush, Peter Anspach, Charles McEvers JR., David Reedy, and Robinson & Hartshorne. The New York stock Exchange also closes it is not open every day of the year. For New Years it is closed every year on January 1st. ON Good Friday It is closed every year for the exception of 1898, 1906, and 1907. On Independence Day it is closed every year the 4th of July. On Labor Day it was and it still closes from 1887 to now 2010. On Thanksgiving Day and Christmas it is closed every year.

            The New York Stock Exchange Building opened its door on 1792 and nearly 20,000 people toured it the day it opened. The people were eager to see the architecture, the space, and the technology. No Expense was paid though. On March 17 1938 the former president which was Richard Whitney was expelled from the membership because they discovered that he had misappropriated his customer funds. He served a term in prison which lasted 3 years. The prison he went to was Sing Sing. The New York Stock exchange had its first constitution on March 8 1817. The New York Stock Exchange first established in March 7, 2006 as a for-profit- corporation. The New York Stock Exchanged first listed company was The Bank of New York. The Longest Listed Company is Con Edison, which was listed in 1824; it was listed as the New York Gas Light Company. The Oldest Listed Company is Sotheby's. It was founded in 1744 and it was listed in 1990. The New York Stock Exchange's highest volume day was October 10, 2008. It had 7,341,505,961 shares. The New York Stock exchange's lowest volume day was on March 16, 1830. It only had 31 shares. The New York Stock Exchange's First NYSE telephones were put in 1878 and the first electric lights were put in 1883 and the first NYSE Automated Quotation service was put in 1953.The First NYSE Radio Pagers were put in 1966, the first NYSE electronic ticker display boards were put in 1966 and the first NYSE Designated Order Turnaround or (DOT) system was out in 1976. The first NYSE Intermarket Trading System (ITS) was out in 1978, the first NYSE Electronic display book was out in 1983 and the first NYSE superDOT 250 was out 1984, and the first NYSE wireless data system was out in 1997. The first NYSE Open Book was out in 2002 and the latest one is the first NYSE Hybrid market which was out in 2005.The First Member Firm to incorporate was Woodcock, Hess and Co. inc. in 1953. The First Member Firm to go public was Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette in 1970. The First Member Firm to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange was Merrill Lynch in 1971. The highest price ever paid for a membership in the NYSE history is $4,000,000 on December 1, 2005. The Lowest price ever paid for a membership in the history of the New York Stock Exchange is of $2,750 in 1871. The building of The New York stock Exchange has evolved over the years like in 1922 The 11 Wall Street building was open, it includes a 23 story high office building and it also has an addition to the floor named the "Garage". In 1969 A third trading rooms The Blue Room is how it is called is opened to meet the demands of increased number of volumes. It increases the size of overall trading space by 20% and it also features the latest in technology. In 1988 the "Blue Room" is expanded therefore they called it the "Extended Blue Room" or they also called it "EBR". But the Blue Room and EBR are close in November 2007. But again in 2000 a fifth trading room, which is located at 30 Broad Street, opens. This building features re-designed straight-line trading posts and the latest market info. Display technology. But this trading room sadly closes in February 2007. But still The New York Stock Exchange is the most prestigious exchange in the world! It has had its highs and its lows. Its hard and easy times but it still moves on and it has a lot of the world's largest industries. The New York Stock Exchange is also the most known exchange in the world and they hope it will always stay that way. It opened in 1792, 200 years ago and until now, 2010 it is still hard and going. It has done better over the years and the increase hasn't stopped yet.

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