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Once the essays and terms papers have been left behind after getting a bachelor’s degree, a management research proposal is required for a master’s degree as well as a PhD. The purpose of a management research proposal is to prove to the research committee or department head that you have a topic of worthwhile research, you have the capabilities to conduct the research, and you have a detailed plan on how to achieve the research in a set amount of time. If approved, the management research proposal will serve as the foundation for the actual management dissertation that will result from the research that will be conducted after the proposal is given the green light.

While the quality of work has always been important on all writing tasks throughout higher education, nowhere is it more important than a management research proposal because a poorly constructed and written proposal will be immediately rejected. This writing guide is geared toward providing you with the tools to create a successful and committee-approved management research proposal.


Format for a management research proposal is very important. Usually, a specific guide is available from the university that details all the specific format features that must be followed. Read over these instructions carefully and begin to set up the proposal with this formatting even before the content is ready to plug in. Simply use placeholders that create a template that will make for easier work down the line. It is more time-consuming to go back after writing the management research proposal to start the formatting.

The general format of a management research proposal would include a title page, abstract, table of contents, introduction, literature review, methodology, discussion of results, conclusion, references list, and appendices. Many guide books provide great detail on how each of these sections should be formatted and set up within the management research proposal.


Since the primary objective is conducting research, selecting the right topic and scope to that subject is critical. And, when it comes to an area like management, it is quite easy to end up with an open-ended research topic that could lead off to many unnecessary tangents.It is a good idea to seek assistance from a previous professor or other educational advisor who may be able to help you craft the right framework for the management research proposal. This advice could be invaluable in terms of ensuring that the research revolves around a coherent, succinct, and relevant research topic that extends the current study of a particular management issue or theory.


Be sure to include as much about the various studies that have been conducted in this particular area of research. This is important in terms of laying out the case for the management research proposal within the literature review section. Empirical thought processes and proposed theories by other researchers lend credibility to the research that you would also like to conduct. All of this material should back up the overall reasons of why this research should be conducted and approved for further study.

An extremely important section that needs a considerable amount of effort is the methodology section, which requires a great amount of detail. This section will explain how you plan to conduct the research, including the methods for gathering the data and how the data will then be analyzed for specific conclusions that relate back to the research objectives. This section would also explain if you plan on using a qualitative or quantitative framework for the research methodology. If you are not sure which method is best, there are a number of guidebooks available that help with constructing a management research proposal or your professor should be more than happy to assist you with these types of questions.


Do not be afraid to ask for other opinions. Share various drafts with colleagues and professors who will be able to provide constructive criticism to take the management research proposal to the next level. Sometimes, when you are engrossed in the work, it is difficult to see a new angle or perspective on the topic that a fresh set of eyes could bring to the research or writing. There are even tutors available that specialize in helping students improve their research proposals.


Many people get married to their writing and cannot understand the value of making drastic changes, such as moving sections around, deleting passages, or rewriting sentences. Do not be afraid to make what seem like an endless number of revisions. This is a necessary evil that will help you tighten the writing and ensure that there is a logical progression to the thesis that you have developed.

Overall Suggestions

Because there is always a deadline for submitting a management research proposal to the committee or department head, it is important to keep a specific timeframe in mind for completing various tasks involved in creating the proposal.

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