Biology Essay Writing Help

An essay is an article which is very broad and can accommodate various topics. The writing format of an essay paper can be divided into three segments – Introduction, Body and Conclusion. Usually the citation used for science papers is APA.

Select the right topic for your biology essay

A biology essay can be made very interesting if you select an appropriate topic. Be certain what you wish to investigate. Browse journals and internet to select.

Select a topic you are genuinely interested in. Your essay should capture the interest of the readers. Biology is a vast subject and you need to decide on whether you want to write about a botany or zoology topic.

Select a research question

The question you select for the essay should be appropriate and interesting. Spend time so that your readers attention is held captive. Consult your instructor for permission to write about something you are familiar with.

Create an outline for your biology essay

This is specially useful for beginners. You can write down points and then work on them. Creating an outline or a draft will prevent you from missing important details of the topic.

Review and revise

After you have completed your essay, check for all errors. If necessary modify any text. You should not be hesitant to redo any portion of your paper.

Cover page

This is an important aspect of your essay as it creates impression at a first glance. It must contain all the significant information such as name of the student or if it is teamwork then the names of the team members. Make sure that all names are spelt correctly.

  • Title of the Project: You should not overdo the project title by using colored fonts. Keep it simple and neat.
  • The name of the Instructor: Write the name of the instructor similar to that of the student.
  • The affiliated University: Include the name of the University and if possible, the University code.
  • Submission date: This should be stated as well as the date of compliance.


It introduces the readers to the topic of your essay gradually. This way the readers understand what the essay is about. It has to be presented step by step. You need to provide background information, present interesting facts and explain the importance of the topic chosen.


This is the part where you will disclose your essay topic in details. A biology essay would particularly discuss different plant and animal life forms. You need to explain experiments/dissection which are performed to prove the theory of life. You should provide sufficient theory along with the practical results. You may further divide this position into subsections providing supportive arguments to each point. If you select a botany topic, you need to write about cell division, mitosis and meiosis and other cell life forms. In a zoology topic you may explain about hereditary factors, sexual and asexual reproduction and so on.

The biology paper has a better impact when it is written along with illustrations and diagrams. Free drawing software are available that will enable you to create simple drawings. It is important to give a reference for the source from where the drawing has been used.

Those student studying in graduate program will be dealing with specialized subjects such as Botany, Zoology and Genetics.


This will summarized all the work done. You must re-emphasize the most important work done.

The conclusion should be strong to leave an impact on your readers. If you follow the helplines according to the plan offered above, you will certainly succeed with a good ground for your essay.

Make sure to proof reading and edit the final copy several times.


To make sure your work is original, this section is very important. You need to have a separate page to list all resources. Include introduction, body and conclusion also.

The document should be properly structured and references should be given as needed. Understand the requirements and objectives of the assignment and the academic level to wish it should be written. The methodology ensures that you get high grades.

Follow these tips so that your essay will be error free and perfect.