Biology Research Paper Writing Help Guide

Biology deals with living things. It is divided into two sections – Botany and Zoology. So this type of paper belongs to the class of scientific research paper writing. You need to be more careful to accomplish this type of academic writing. It is more detail oriented form of study. Give adequate attention to each section so as to bring about a good quality research paper.

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Your research paper should have the following components:

A Topic

Biology is a very wide subject. It is not possible to write on Biology as a whole. You need to decide on whether its Botany or Zoology and then select a sub-section. Try to bring out an experiment or a dissection. You will need a Supervisor/Instructor for your research project. Make sure you have enough material and equipment for the experiments and evidence before you start your work.

Checkout whether your topic can be published in any scientific journals or periodicals as your paper would be an up-to-date paper.


This is a very helpful tool in writing. You need to write down all your thoughts about the proposed project. Number the points, place them under different sections you propose to write under. Once your draft is made you could begin writing. This way you would not miss out on all the important points. Science papers are truly interesting and it is important to know what you wish to explore. Keep this in mind that your first impression counts. So put across all your writing talents.


Your paper will need diagrams and illustrations. Use them with the appropriate text and do not overdo them. Be neat and tidy.

Your Biology Research Paper Cover Page

The front page must contain:

  • Name of the student or names of the team member involved for the research project.
  • Title of the Project should be simple, neat and refined.
  • Name of the Supervisor/Instructor should be similar to name of student/team member. Make sure all spellings are correct, this will reflect your interest and quality of work.
  • The affiliated University.
  • Submission date for research project.


This is where you express your gratitude and thank all people who have supported you for your project work.


This is a short summary of your project. The research paper summary should be around 120-150 words. It should be short and complete. The abstract for a Biology Research paper should contain the following components in brief:

  • Background
  • Aim of the Study
  • Methods used to carry out the research topic questions.
  • Results of the study.
  • Conclusion

Table of Contents

This will guide the readers where to find the specific pages of the written matter. All pages must be numbered accurately. It can be divided according to the chapters as:

  • Acknowledgement
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Country Report
  • Aim
  • Methodology
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • Recommendation
  • References


This is the start of your project so you need to put in extra effort to capture the attention of your readers. Unless the Reader is impressed he will not read further. This is a scientific research paper so you must write about all the concerns about the topic.


This should include all matters of concern mentioned in the introduction. Each concern must be discussed and give illustrations to emphasise your concern.

If your topic is a Zoology Project, include a few sections on

  • Geography
  • Population
  • Health Hazards/Benefits
  • Economy


Here you need to review the research topic with a summary of another referenced work for increased emphasis and topic significance.


It defines the purpose of your research topic question which you chose.


The experiments or dissection carried out for the research projects and the data gathered are analysed.


All the data obtained is presented. Graphs and tables are used to project these results. It is the summary of all research carried out. Here the answer is provided to the research question/problem.


This is an important aspect of a research project. All reference should be cited accurately. These need the authors name, date of publication and title. References adds a higher credibility to the research projects.

Research Projects can actually be done when they have guidelines to follow. Academic writing is much simpler now.

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