Business Essay Writing Help


The essay is the written form most frequently used in the fields of business. The main reason for such favoritism is that an essay combines the attributes of a critical paper and a thesis; however, it is short, concise, and can with equal effectiveness function as a media publication, memorandum, or an inter-organizational memo. Mastering a business essay is one of the essential components of business career development.


A business essay is a short and flexible written form; it is an analytical or a strategic response to the issue of immediate market interest. One of the broad issues that can provide a topic for a business essay is the marketing, in particular, the effectiveness of different media/promotion channels. Another rewarding topic is money and finances; in the currently unstable economic environment, opinions on and analyses of business self-sustainability remain in high demand. Finally, a business essay writer can analyze the trends in industry development or in customer demand to forecast which sectors of the economy will provide the most business opportunities in the next 3-5 years.

Documents and Materials

A good business essay does not have to be highly theoretical or technical. The entire paper can be devoted exclusively to presenting the writer’s opinion on the issue. However, references to existing research and other published materials help the reader to establish the writer’s credibility and give more weight to the essay. A credible essay is more likely to attract readers’ attention, and it has a larger effect on the targeted business context and/or audience. Therefore, even when the writer’s goal is to present his/her opinions on the subject matter, it is important to refer to established authorities in the field and to identify whether or not the author is in agreement with the authorities’ opinions.


Similar to other written documents, a business essay has an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. All essay parts adhere to the general characteristic of the business essay: they are brief, precise, and persuasive. The introduction focuses on identifying the issue and its effects on the business context or a target audience. The body deliberates on the characteristics of the problem, its effects, and potential for resolution by grounding the author’s opinions in facts from theoretical literature and current media publications. The conclusion restates the issue and the solution for it by summarizing the essential themes discussed in the body. The conclusion does not offer new information nor does it introduce new arguments.

All the parts of the essay should be complement each other and appear as components of one thought. Each following part of the essay is a natural and logical extension of the previous one. Only in this way can a business essay present and support a solid and convincing argument.


After the topic of the essay is selected and the materials are collected, the writer needs to formulate a title, which will match the subject area of the discussion. The title should be specific enough to hint on the author’s findings. A broad and vague title might not trigger readers’ interest, while a very specific title will disclose too much information and make it unnecessary to continue reading the paper. The title should remain only a promise of a discovery and of new knowledge.

The easiest way to proceed with writing the essay is to first, make an outline of the body paragraphs and the conclusion. Then, each subheading of the outline can be further broken down into smaller lines. As the writer fills in the logical gaps between the former with transitional sentences, the essay will evolve.

The introduction is the last part to be written mainly because of the thesis statement, which links the general overview of the current context with the new knowledge that the writer offers in the essay. It is often difficult to predict the development and the conclusion of the paper until it is done. Therefore, it is more beneficial for the business essay author to first, write the body and the conclusion and then make a strong connection by reflecting the same ideas in the thesis statement.

Writing Style

One of the main characteristics of business style is assertiveness and clarity; the limited word count of a business essay does not allow for vagueness or elusiveness. The style of a business essay should be factual and focused; the tone remains formal or semi-formal; and the flow of the thought should not be interrupted by jargon, informal lexicon, unnecessary abbreviations, or buzz words.