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Common Problems

There are several common misconceptions regarding business term papers that often cause writers to commit unforgivable mistakes. Below is the list of the facts important for producing a quality business term paper:

  • Writing the business term paper is a demanding process. It requires the author to commit time and effort to investigating the topic, to searching for relevant literature and media publications, and to making sure the written content projects the ideas clearly and in the appropriate professional manner.

  • Grammar and spelling are as important as the content of the paper. Poor use of the language diminishes the value of the business term paper and demonstrates the author’s disrespect toward the reader.

  • The writing standard is another obligatory element of the business term paper. The failure to learn and to comply with the requirements of the professional business writing diminishes the author’s credibility and stigmatizes him/her as a bad fit for the career.

  • When used properly, repetitions reinforce the logical development of the main idea of the business term paper. However, the abundance of repetitions causes the narrative to read as redundant and lacking fresh ideas.

  • The use of the jargon and buzz words should be limited to the expressions that qualify as professional terminology. When using Latin or English abbreviations, the writer needs to ensure that s/he correctly understands their meaning.

Useful Tips

As already mentioned, writing a business term paper is a long and demanding task. It is important to start early. The best way to prepare for writing is to collect the most recent information on the topic: media announcement, flyers, Internet links, recent scholarly publications, and so on. A week-worth collection of such pieces can provide a writer with an interesting topic, a tentative title, several examples for the Discussion section, and a quote for a strong conclusion.

There are useful resources that business students might overlook. For example, lecture and seminar notes, guest speaker’s handouts, and textbooks can help create a contextual framework for the term paper. The same resources can also suggest the topic and the theme for the business term paper.

Another group of resources can be provided by a university library. Aside from the book and journal collections, most of the university libraries offer their journal subscriptions online; moreover, the journals are already grouped by subject area and can be cross-referenced by the topic and/or title. In addition, each library has staff members trained to assist the patrons in searching for relevant publications and tutors, who can help with editing the business term paper.

Finally, the course instructors are one of the best resources for writing the business term paper. On one hand, the instructors are experienced business scholars often with extensive practical experience. They can suggest an interesting topic and advise on which materials to use. On the other hand, instructors are going to be the ultimate readers and evaluators of the business term paper. Therefore, they will warn the writers on the mistakes and misconceptions that can jeopardize the quality of the paper.


The business term paper has the quality of both a business essay and a business research paper. Similar to the business research paper, the business term paper is expected to introduce a research. However, the term paper’s word count is closer to the business essay; therefore, the research it describes is simpler than the investigation for the business research paper.

The business term paper has the same sections as the essay: an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. The body might have up to seven subheadings, among which there should be the literature review, the description of the research, and the discussion.

The business term paper should demonstrate the writer’s knowledge of the material taught during the term as well as the ability of the writer to apply this material to the real life situations. Case and feasibility studies are the most appropriate forms of research for the business term paper. These techniques allow the writer to study an existing business phenomenon – for example, market rivalry or the relationships between an enterprise and the industry stakeholders – and explain the phenomenon’s characteristics by applying theoretical knowledge gained in the classroom.

The business term paper is the written from, which characteristics are largely defined by the learning goals assigned by the instructor. It is essential to discuss the topic and the outline with the instructor prior to writing the paper to make sure that the paper addresses the instructor’s requirements and expectations.

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