Computer Science Essay Writing Guide

Task Clarification

The first way in which of your Computer Science essay could go wrong is by not addressing exactly what is being asked by the question/title. You should closely examine the title/question and try to break down exactly what it is required. A Computer Science essay is likely to require an evaluation of or choice between technologies, methodologies or theoretical models. When your essay involves an evaluation, you should put an emphasis on expressing a suggestion or approval towards a particular option. When the essay requires a choice to be made, you should devise a clear and objective form of weighing up the candidates so that your measures themselves can be appraised.

Material for your computer sicence essay

You will need to carry out a good amount of research to provide substance for all claims that you put forward. Your research should be organized around the problems of the essay title/question, which you have broken down andyou can use each sub-question/element as a direction for a stream of research. To keep on track and at the same time seek out greater depth, you can follow the trail of links that are provided by the most published sources you find.

You should be able to detect that you have reached the end of a research stream once you have a clear conclusion/answer. It’s not uncommon to be given a Computer Science case study as the basis for your essay, in which case it would obviously occupy the majority of your research, although you should still apply the specific sub-questions/elements to direct your reading.

As you progress through your reading, you should already be developing a list of references with their full identification and grouping them into the related concepts. At the same time, you can begin making notes of the relevant information, points and results that you have found and expect to include somewhere in the essay.

Drafting your computer science essay

Before diving straight into your essay writing, you should have a clear plan how to get to your conclusion. Based on the notes you have uncovered, you can put together an outline for your essay to arrange your thoughts, elements of information and the connections between them. Your outline should serve as a constant reference point to keep you on track with the logic and order of points that you want to express, as well as the original title/question and the elements that you have broken down from it.

A good Computer Science essay makes strong and unbiased arguments covering several angles of a particular aspect and that is particular importantly when you are making comparisons between technologies, theories or other objects. Your arguments need to have a strong warrant, supported by the research you have made and never stray away from the main compass of the essay, which you should check after you have expressed each thought.

The fundamental argument should be clear to the reader from the beginning and be restated in your conclusion, while being broken down and supported throughout the body of your essay. You should be careful to remove ambiguities by defining what you mean as much as possible and making your assumptions clear for the reader to accept or reject. As soon as you think you have obtained strong enough answers from your research and can put together a basic outline, you should make a start expressing your essay response. You will be able to make amendments as you find other information and revise the points you are making iteratively, but the aim is to avoid putting off writing anything until the very end as this will make the task of expressing your thoughts more difficult.

Wherever you make quotes or reword ideas from secondary sources, you should take care to fully cite the source so that it can be traced from your bibliography to the originator, as that not only awards the correct credit to the source but clearly shows the extent to which you sought background to make the argument you present.

The quality of your Computer Science essay will be affected by the standard of language you use; therefore it shouldn’t have any mistakes of grammar or spelling (use a spelling and grammar checking tool as a minimum) and read very easily without difficult sentences or over-elaborate language. Try to express your arguments succinctly, while explaining non-obvious concepts to your expected reader without being repetitive. You should proofread the final version of your essay after taking a break for one or two days, as that will allow you to forget more of what you have written and see it more from the viewpoint of a new reader.