Good essays demonstrate ... reading

A good essay will show evidence of the writer having read widely about the subject with which they are dealing. Clearly it is important that any set texts or recommended reading (from reading lists) have been completed alongside further reading which is indicated within those texts or through lectures which have been attended. Making use of the library’s search catalogues will aid in finding relevant texts, journals and online articles (both published and unpublished).

The Internet will provide a wealth of different resources but it is important that the authenticity of any materials acquired from here is checked. Examples of previous essays submitted about a given subject can also provide a useful insight, not only in terms of content but also in terms of style. Reading is important in that texts will contain the knowledge that it is necessary to demonstrate within your writing in order to gain the highest possible marks in assessment tasks (Wyse, 2007). It is also essential in that it enables you, as a writer and thinker, to compare your ideas to those of others who have previously written on the subject.

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