Need help writing an essay?

Don't worry, there's plenty of help available to you.  We walk through the different options available to you and make sure you avoid the pitfalls in getting outside help with your essay.

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Essay writing companies

If you've no clue where to start with your essay, one option is getting an essay custom written for you.

There are several companies/websites offering an essay writing service in the UK, and quite literally hundreds abroad.  Take care though, this marketplace is full of scammers who outsource the work to unqualified writers in far off countries, paying them peanuts to produce rehashed content from the internet for you.  Fortunately there are a few genuine companies doing a good job including ours. Find out more about our essay writing services here.

Essay writing guides

The Internet has a wealth of information on producing a great essay, whether you need a step by step guide from start to finish or you're just looking for polishing tips.  Naturally, there's a great deal of junk out there too.  So make sure you're reading the right guides and not following the junk.  Look out for guides that are liked socially (on Facebook and Twitter) or those that appear on respectable .edu websites (universities, colleges, etc).  We also have a growing number of popular guides, including:

Use our search function if these aren't what you're looking for.

Essay writing books

There are some decent books guiding you through the process of essay writing available – and with ebay and Amazon's marketplace, you can pick them up for a couple of pounds each.  As you might expect, there's also books that are padded with a lot of waffle – so take care to choose a book that's got good reviews and will genuinely help you, rather than bore you.  Use a site like Amazon and read the reviews that other buyers have left, before you part with your cash.

Personal tuition

Some tutors are friendly, helpful and can't do enough to guide you along the way.  Sadly, there are plenty that don't fall into this category.  Your tutor's time is at a premium and many students opt for a personal tutor instead to help them better understand the process of essay writing and their studies in general.  This is especially true of students who struggle with the essay writing process itself, rather than a specific assignment.

Personal tuition can be expensive though, and like other types of help, you need to take care as there's no restriction on who can offer it.  Make sure you choose a reputable tutor with a good reputation and decent recommendations from people who have actually used them with success.

Your tutor

If you're lucky enough to have a helpful tutor, approach them for more guidance.  They are paid to help you and if you're struggling with an assignment, they may be able to give you some additional tips or pointers to get you on the right track.

Editing and proofreading services

If you've made a start with your essay but you're not sure if you've covered everything, these services could be for you.  Ranging from a simple proofread right through to full scale editing and marking feedback akin to what your teacher might give back to you, these are a great way to get feedback before you hand in your essay.

Some  companies claim to  offer full scale editing services - these can differ in what they actually achieve, and it's worth reading the services list to understand what you're getting for your money. We offer different service levels so you can choose exactly what you need, whether it's a quick proofread or a full marking service.

Find out more about our services - including writing, proofreading and marking - click here.