There are certain aspects that are useful and even necessary to consider when choosing a topic for a term paper. Very often a situation might occur when the professor of a subject has not provided any list of topics to choose from or given any prompt for a term paper. Sometimes the information about the expected parameters of a term paper is very general and students may find it thus complicated to create a successful academic document from the scratch.

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However, having to choose your own topic for a term paper may not be so difficult even if you only have a general idea of the subject you want to write about. First of all it is strictly advisable that you choose a topic that you find interesting or challenging. It makes the writing so much easier if you feel genuinely enthusiastic about the chosen topic. If you cannot find any idea or issue in the subject matter that would excite you then choose a topic that has a wide range of references available. Avoid the topics that you found difficult to understand during the course.

Secondly, study carefully the assignment requirements provided by the professor and the general rules and regulations for writing a term paper set by the college or university. The requirements are usually field specific. For example a term paper in science is expected to present more facts and figures than a paper in humanities.

The requirements contain generally the expected length or some specific components, referencing and style guide. You need to keep all the requirements in mind when defining your topic. The expected length of a term paper is extremely relevant because your topic has to be feasible within the given word limit. That means that your topic cannot be too broad or too narrow but just accurate. If you find your topic too broad you need to contemplate the ways of narrowing it down. It is always helpful to talk to the professor of the given subject as he/she has much more experience in assessing the feasibility of different topics.

Specific components can sometimes be for example lab work or some graphics or tables depending on the area of research. Thus when defining your topic you need to assess whether you are able to accomplish your work in the given time.

It is crucial that you have a sufficient range of references and materials available. Keep in mind that there might be a required minimum number of sources to be used in a term paper. However, it is for the benefit of a successful paper to use versatile sources and references, such as encyclopaedias, books, professional journal articles and online resources.

The final topic needs to be formulated in an appropriate academic way. It may be formed as a question that needs a contemplative and complex answer or as a statement that needs to be defended. In either case it is necessary to make sure that there are sufficient and compelling arguments to support your theory or view. It is always a special bonus for your term paper, however not prerequisite, to demonstrate some originality or provide some new idea or information in the research area. This might get the reader of your paper to be intrigued in the topic and thus help to create the positive opinion about your document.

There are some other important aspects to consider when formulating a topic for a term paper. It is essential that you do your research about the subject before formulating your ideas in order to think about all the relevant texts and contexts, especially if your paper presents a critical analysis of existing theories or viewpoints. There is usually a specific social, cultural or historical context that has influenced the opinions or arguments of other scholars.

It is important to demonstrate in your term paper that you have fully understood all the significant information in the given subject and provided a good academic research. Read as much as possible in the subject related to your topic and participate in the classes and seminars. The more information and better in-depth knowledge you have in the subject the easier it is to formulate your ideas and write a successful term paper.

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