Legal citations

This is not an exhaustive list, but some of the more important or common citations.

AC = Appeal Cases (Law Reports)

All ER (or AER) = All England Law Reports

BuildLR = Building Law Reports

CCLR = Consumer Credit Law Reports

CL = Current Law

CLC = Commercial Law Cases

CLJ = Cambridge Law Journal

CLY = Current Law Year Book

CMLR = Common Market Law Reports

Ch = Chancery (Law Reports)

Cons LJ = Consumer Law Journal

CrAppR = Criminal Appeal Reports

CrimLR = Criminal Law Review

ECR = European Court Reports

FLR = Family Law Reports

FTLR = Financial Times Law Reports

JBL = Journal of Business Law

KB = King's Bench (Law Reports)

LJR = Law Journal Reports

LMCLQ = Lloyd's Maritime andamp; Commercial Law Quarterly

LQR = Law Quarterly Review

LR = Law Reports

LS Gaz. = Law Society's Gazette

LT = Law Times Reports

LTJ = Law Times Journal

Lloyd's Rep = Lloyd's List Law Reports (1951 onwards)

MLR = Modern Law Review

New LJ = New Law Journal

P = Probate, Divorce andamp; Admiralty (Law Reports)

QB = Queen's Bench (Law Reports)

RTR = Road Traffic Reports

SJ = Solicitors' Journal

TC or Tax Cas = Reports of Tax Cases

TradL = Trading Law

TradLR = Trading Law Reports