How To Write A Literature Research Paper

Writing you literature research paper can be likened to building a house. Much like the blue print of a house, a well constructed plan will not only help you produce a good structure to your literature research paper, but it will keep you on track and help you complete each step. Don’t spend ages writing your plan though; you need to leave yourself enough time to write your paper!

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Lay the foundations-write your thesis

Just as a house needs a concrete foundation, you must create a solid foundation upon which your literature research paper is built. It must be a clear thesis; a well structured argument upon which your thoughts and ideas can be based. It is important to ensure that your thesis is not just a statement but an argument that you can evaluate and debate. A simple factual statement tells your reader nothing they don’t already know! Instead choose an argument you can dissect and explore; an opinion that you can apply your evaluative judgement to. Above all you must convince your reader that your argument is valid.

Build the walls with bricks of ideas

Once you have a solid foundation you can begin to build the walls of a house. Your literature research paper is built using your main ideas to evaluate your thesis. Remember your main ideas must be factual. Use relevant passages from the text to debate your thesis and use each idea to carry your paper and your argument forward. Think of each idea as another brick in the wall, upon which another can be placed to reach your goal.

Cement your ideas with relevant sources.

Just like the cement that holds the bricks of your house together, secondary sources can hold your ideas together. They should be used to support your key argument and any quotes you include in your literature research paper should be linked to your own ideas. Any source or quote you include should always be relevant to your argument and back up the ideas to evaluate your thesis.

The details in the roof

While building walls of a house is very important, the roof is what finishes off the project. For you literature research paper this is where your conclusion comes into play. Without a roof, the house is left incomplete, and without a conclusion your reader is forced to draw their own conclusion. A good conclusion is a restatement of 2 or 3 key points that really evaluate your thesis.

Format your paper with interior design

The structure of the house is key to completion but an empty shell does not equal a buyer! The same is true for your literature research paper. If your format is incorrect, you use the wrong font or there is a lack of paragraphs, you paper will look messy and your reader will not give it the attention it deserves! Make sure you capture your reader and complete the sell by correctly setting out quotes, using the right format and numbering your pages. After all your hard work that last thing you want is for your paper to be left on the market without your reader buying into your argument!

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