Narrative essay example

This is an example of a narrative essay.

After All

I never knew I could feel this way. People talk about being beside themselves but I've never understood that until now. I'm lost, stunned. Empty.

TIP: “Narrative essays require a personal response to something. Whilst all essays should be engaging, it is especially important that narrative essays, if they are to be successful, capture the reader's attention. A strong introduction is essential. In this example, the first sentence is deliberately short. It is, however, long enough just to grab the reader's attention.

Ensure the actions fit the words. The writer is 'empty' – he doesn't therefore have the energy to elaborate further.

Regarding the use of "empty", be careful when summarising paragraphs in one word – it is increasingly becoming a literary cliché.“

One thing I did always know was that Facebook would end in tears. I'd never imagined, though, that because of it, I would end up mourning the loss of the only woman I ever truly loved. The only women I'll ever love like that again.

TIP: “Narrative essays draw on a range of literary techniques such as repetition as this adds emphasis.“.

I've been sat in my apartment staring out the window over the last few days. Or weeks. There is no time anymore. The birds continue their tweeting and the church bells continue to toil; they have no effect on my soul, I am broken. My mind continuously takes me through the loop of events which got me here. And again and again, Facebook.

It all began over five years ago, a camping trip around Europe with the friends I'd kept since school. For some of my mates it was the last hoorah; they were mostly paired off with babies on the way, it was one final chance to behave with the recklessness and abandon contained within all young men. Next year would be a mortgage, the year after baby-sick. Not me though, I never thought I'd feel that strongly enough about anyone to let them do that to me. To deny me my freedom.

TIP: “Setting a rule then breaking it is feature of creative writing also well suited to narrative essays.“.

As usual I didn't take any photos on the trip and, when we got back, I asked the others for their negatives. Of course they all found that hilarious, "oh Jamie you're old before your time, who gets their photos developed anymore? I've uploaded them, get on Facebook!" Against my will many photos were taken, I made the mistake of smiling in the first one which always makes me look insane, but in the end I settled on one and Rob set up my account.

TIP: “Quotations in narrative essays can be used for character development.“.

I was sat here, actually, by the window, browsing through those holiday snaps when I noticed someone had 'liked' one of me, sat by the tent on the campsite in Paris, a silly straw hat on my head.

TIP: “Developing a rhythm is a good descriptive technique.“.

Even then I remember thinking, whoever she is, she's beautiful. One of my hang-ups about Facebook was you wouldn't invite a stranger into your house and let them look through your photo-albums, so why is it alright online?

TIP: “The use of rhetorical questions such as these can be a good way to capture the reader's attention as it involves them.“.

Yet there I was, intrigued, looking through her holiday snaps, laughing at some of her posts. Relationship status - single.

TIP: “Short sentences can convey as much information as longer ones, and can have more impact!“.

I physically jumped when something beeped and a chat-box opened. It was her. "Hi... great pic :)"

I closed the lid of my laptop. I lit a duty-free cigarette.

TIP: “Alliteration.“.

As an entrenched bachelor I knew the drill, how to flirt, but online - that just wasn't me. And it wouldn't have been right, for her. She was a friend of Darren's, a proper friend not a Facebook one, and though I don't believe in fate she happened to be round his the next time I dropped by. I guess some things are just meant to be.

She was... she was even more captivating in the flesh, yet so much more than something just physical, it was never just that.

TIP: “Trailing sentences can add emphasis. “.

She was more than my equal, my soulmate - if destiny exists then she was the one set aside for me, me the one set aside for her. Within weeks we moved in together, not something either of us had ever done before, and within months we were inseparable. It was a surprise to everyone around us; we were similar in a lot of ways, although different in enough ways to keep us interesting. We only had five years together—only, and for a time I knew what it felt like to be truly alive. To be more than just the sum of my own parts.

Rob called this morning, asked me how I was. It was horrible, he did the whole 'if there's anything I can do' thing, as though talking would somehow bring her back.

TIP: “Colloquial language can be a feature of narrative essays but should also be balanced.“.

I can’t stand sympathy, people saying they understand how I’m feeling as they smile a smile as weak as weak tea and tilt their heads ever so slightly to one side.

TIP: “When constructing similes, be as descriptive as you can and avoid relying on clichés.“.

What use does talking do? And what if I were to reveal how I truly feel, or the strange behaviours that I've developed since? ... I can't bring myself to wash the old thread-bare jumper she used to wear when she got cold, still hung up behind the door which, in moments of utter despair, I remove with reverence from its hook and press gently to my face. What have I become?

Facebook. Fucking Facebook. It's all presentation and spin, people's lives as they want you to see them, not as they actually are.

TIP: “'Bad' language is acceptable in narrative essays but should be used sparingly if its purpose is to shock or create emphasis.“.

Over the last few days I've kept going back on her wall which, until this morning, was a shrine to our relationship, nights in, nights out, holiday snaps, the lot.

TIP: “An ironic statement considering the point he has just made. “.

But then I refreshed the page and it was all gone, followed by a final post which finally broke my heart: Rachel has gone from being in a relationship to being single. Now the world knows too that, after all, I wasn't the one she was looking for.

TIP: “Proving a twist in the tale is a good way to create impact in an essay of this type.“.

There's too much that can go wrong with an overdose. A knife through the heart will be bloody, but at least it will be quick.

TIP: “Providing two is even better!“.