Essay presentation

This aspect of essay writing will sometimes be dictated by the set instructions of particular institutions or courses. Some will require subdivisions within essays with headings to match such as ‘Introduction’ and ‘Conclusion’. The fact that writers have access to word processors enables them to present work uniformly well utilising tools such as spelling, punctuation and grammar checks which enable there to be less errors in their writing. It is important to view your finished piece of work holistically reflecting on whether the following points have been addressed:

  • Are all the sentences correctly formed and simple enough to be understood?
  • Are the sentences punctuated accurately in order to convey their meaning clearly?
  • Are the sentences grammatically correct and consistent in all their parts?
  • Is the phraseology which is used appropriate and accurate?
  • Does the finished piece address the correct audience?
  • Has the work been proofread and checked for spelling and grammatical errors?
  • Does the finished essay conform to presentation instructions (if they have beenĀ provided)?

(The Open University, 2012).

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