How to Write a Psychology Research Paper

Topic: The Importance of Sexuality Education in Children

Psychology is an important field of study and requires great study and research.

There are several domains of psychology such as child psychology, teen psychology and developmental psychology. In this paper we shall speak about how to write a psychology research paper on developmental psychology which concerns imparting sexuality education in children.

A psychology research paper on the importance of sexuality education in children must be written in a concise manner.

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  • The introduction must be compelling enough to engage the reader you address.

  • You should mention some of the reasons for writing the psychology research paper the importance of sexuality education such as childhood abuse and misconceptions among children due to the media and society.

  • Your Psychology research paper must begin with a compelling introduction such as: sexuality is an important aspect of growing up, especially in the United States. Children need to be educated regarding risky and dangerous sexual practices and their direct effects on health such as teen pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. It is therefore important for parents to educate their children regarding the importance of sexuality.

  • Use of appropriate data and statistics.

Your research paper on sexuality education in children must focus on appropriate data and statistics stressing on the need for sexuality education in children, such as the high rates of unintended pregnancies among women between the age group 15 to 19 years of age (Spitz et al., 1993). You must also highlight facts that the rate of adolescent pregnancy termination is 1 in 3 (Ventura, 1998) and the number of adolescents (approximately 3 million) acquiring serious diseases such as STDs.

  • In the next step of your psychology research paper, you must initiate the importance of parental involvement in the social and sexual education of children. Once again, this should be done by referencing authentic articles, most preferably peer reviewed, and not those articles which are easily available on the internet. Eric, Cengage, Ebscohost and Springerlink, are all instances of authentic sources of articles.
  • In the next step of your psychology research paper, you could state the advantages and disadvantages of parental involvement in the sexuality education of children.

  • The next stage of your psychology research paper must state the impact of various problems such as teen pregnancies and dangerous diseases due to early sexual relationships.

  • Your psychology research paper must have substantial evidence to prove that the lack of sexuality education in children could lead to several psychological, social and developmental problems in later life. 

  • Finally, you should conclude your paper by summing up all the ideas you presented in your paper.

  • Most importantly, every psychology paper that is well researched must have a references page or bibliography list to acknowledge the authors and their works which you have cited in the paper. Without this, your paper is useless and will be termed as plagiarized. 

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