Where can I buy an essay in the UK?

Buy essaysWhere can I buy an essay in the UK?

Every week hundreds of students get stuck with their essay or dissertation questions and look for help online. There are plenty of ‘buy essay’ options but which are the safest and the best? We look at the choices for buying an essay and what you need to know before you place an order.

1. Pre written essays

There are a good number of essay banks offering pre written essays that other students have submitted previously for you to buy.  The best one in the UK is coursework.info, now renamed to markedbyteachers.com. It offers essays and other academic work in a huge range of subjects, at all levels from GCSE and A level through to University and Masters. So is it any good?

Having an example essay in front of you can be really useful when trying to write your own work but the downside to a pre-written paper is that it doesn’t answer the exact question that’s been set for you. The standards on this website are very variable too – although some of the essays have been rated, a lot haven’t, and you can’t be sure who rated them or if they know the subject well.

A prewritten essay can be a good little boost when you’re pretty confident about the subject but you just want to check that you’ve got one or two points right. Buying prewritten essays is usually the cheapest way to get fast help too. However, don’t use it as an example of how to structure your own answer or write a great essay, unless you’re100% sure it has been marked by a subject specialist and has achieved a really good grade.

2. Custom written essays

There are hundreds of websites where you can buy custom written essays and these are run by people all over the world. A custom essay is a very powerful study aid, giving you the exact answer to your essay question for you to follow and understand. However, the downside is that not all custom essay companies are genuine – many are run by students looking to make a fast buck and they don’t employ qualified writers, nor do they check the work to ensure it meets the standard you’ve ordered. You can end up paying hundreds of pounds for junk and you’ll be surprised how quickly the company stop responding to your messages when things go wrong. The last straw can be when you find out they weren’t based down the road as you thought but in fact, they are out in Pakistan or the Ukraine and you’ve got no hope of ever seeing your money back.

Custom essays can be a good ‘buy essay’ option however, if you use a reputable company. Essay UK is one such company – we are based in Ludgate Hill, London and we work with a small team of qualified writers to produce really good quality work that is original and plagiarism free. Run by a small team, we offer a personal, friendly service and no-nonsense guarantees: original work, on time and to standard, or your money back.

Pricing for custom essays varies but so does quality. The best way to judge if a price is fair before you buy an essay is to consider whether an expert would work for 33% - 50% of that amount (because that is typically what the essay writing company will be paying the expert). If you think someone with a degree who is a professional – an accountant, teacher or solicitor for example – would not work for that fee, then chances are that the company are not hiring professionals at all, and are perhaps asking students or unqualified writers to complete the projects for them. Stay away!

3. Essay books

A third ‘buy essay’ option is to purchase an essay book. These contain examples of well written essays that cover a wide range of topics within your particular academic field. They are especially helpful for law students facing exam essays and the OUP questions and answers range is highly recommended (search: “OUP questions and answers” on Amazon). The downside to these books is that they don’t cover the answer in any great detail – think of them more as answer plans – and they don’t include references to appropriate source material, although they do reference cases. They are also not going to answer your exact essay question but you can often find aspects of your question in the books and adapt the answers as a starting point. The books are cheap, typically costing no more than £12.99.

What now?

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