Should I buy Oxbridge Essays?

Across the UK there are a number of companies that offer 'Oxbridge Essay' services. These claim to offer essays that were written by former Oxford and Cambridge graduates. As Oxford and Cambridge are two of the best universities in the UK, should you consider buying one as the best possible option for a custom essay? Here's why we don't think so!

Oxbridge essaysIf Oxbridge essay companies genuinely offered you essays written by Oxbridge (Oxford and Cambridge) graduates, we could understand why they would be a very tempting proposition. Having an essay written for you that answers your exact essay question by one of the top academic graduates in the UK certainly seems to make sense. A first class grade is guaranteed - surely?

The problem is, Oxbridge essay companies don't only use Oxford and Cambridge graduates. They use graduates from all universities but they still charge premium prices because of using the Oxbridge name. So you're not getting good value for money at all.

How do we know this to be true? Read their websites carefully and you'll see for yourself. For example, one UK Oxbridge essay website brazenly states on its front page that they offer:

"100% original 1st class, 2:1 and 2:2 masters and undergraduate essays. Expertly written by Oxbridge academics".

But delve into their terms and conditions, and you will find this:

"[Company name] seeks to supply the client with written materials researched and written exclusively by present or former members of Oxford University and Cambridge University and academic from other top UK Universities."

(Yes we saw the spelling mistake too). So you're not getting an Oxbridge graduate at all, but you're still paying the same price as if you did. It's also easy to spot other fibs on the site - for example, they claim to be "the only custom essay company in the UK to have a physical office that is open to the public" and that's certainly not true.

The other reason we don't think you'll get good value for money using an Oxbridge essay service is that other services offer you work written by graduates from institutions that are amongst the top 20 in the World at no extra cost. Imperial College London and University College London are two examples of fantastic learning institutions that are in the top 20 - and if you were to get a graduate from either of these, you'd certainly be assured of a good piece. In fact, there is only 5 points (and 3 places) difference in the ranking tables between Cambridge university and Imperial College London. It's like having the choice between paying a fortune for a Bugatti Veyron or choosing an equally amazing Aston Martin One 77 for half the price!

Ultimately, don't pay for the Oxbridge name there's no guarantee that you'll be getting an Oxbridge graduate to write your essay or dissertation, and you can get a writer from an equally good, top ranked university without having to pay a premium fee.

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