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Are you feeling uncertain about what should go into your essay or dissertation?

If so, an outline or skeleton answer is the perfect solution for you. It provides the core information and key points that you'll need to include in your work, ready for you to flesh out and complete.

Outline answers are helpful to students because they focus your attention on the most important information and relevant materials, saving you from going off on tangents and wasting valuable time - and marks.

Our outline and skeleton answers are written to your exact requirements and can save you hours, days or weeks of research.

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Outline and skeleton answers

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How does your outline answer service work?

Send us your essay question and we'll assign an academic to your order who is qualified and experienced in your area of study, to at least the level you're working at. They will review the question and complete an outline answer for you. This is like an answer to the question in note form and can be used as a plan to write your final piece. Your outline answer will be checked and scanned by our team before it is sent to you by email. If you're not happy in any way, you have 10 days to request changes.

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What does an outline answer look like?

Your answer will cover all aspects of the question but in note form. For example, if you have a law problem question that asks you to "Explain whether David is liable for Sundeep's injuries" (i.e. a negligence question), the outline answer might look something like this:

  • David has a duty of care towards Sundeep as one road user to another.
  • David is a learner driver - standard of care is the same as that of an ordinary skilled driver (Nettleship vs Weston [1971] 2 QB 691).
  • Sundeep steps into the road in front of David's car - David is not 'bound to anticipate folly in all it's forms' (London Passenger Transport Board v Upson [1949] AC 1555).
  • See also Stewart v Glaze [2009] EWHC 704 (QB) - case involving claimant stepping out in front of car (driver held not liable).
  • David was going 5 mph faster than the speed limit. This isn't evidence of negligence in itself (Quinn v Scott [1965] 2 All ER 588).
  • However it was a built up area and he may therefore be prosecuted for dangerous driving under s. 2 RTA 1988 ...

... and so on. As above, your answer will be in note form with the appropriate sources listed for you to go and look up yourself. You will need to look up the sources, flesh the answer out and add appropriate referencing in the style approved by your college or university.

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My final essay needs to be 3,000 words - how many words do I need to order?

Just use the 'No word count' order on the order form and make us aware that the final piece needs to be 3,000 words. We will obtain a quote from a suitable expert and let you know the fee. Your expert will make sure that sufficient material is included in your outline answer for you to expand to your 3,000 word limit.

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Why should I order my outline/skeleton answer from Essay UK?

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